Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sandra Bullock Hair Styles

Sandra Bullock Hair Styles

Sandra has received a lot of press these days with all her new hair styles, not to mention new movies.

Here is a medium length hair style that features long layers and side swept bangs. The ends are left a little choppy.

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Long hairstyle for teen girls

Long hairstyle for teen girls
Long hairstyle for teens Photo © Michael Germana / Superstar Images

Vanessa Anne Hudgens
Long Hair Style Teen Picture
About this hair style:
Vanessa Anne Hudgens aged 17
Tuesday 21 November 2006

Vanessa Anne Hudgens's Hair Style:
Actress, singer and performer Vanessa Anne Hudgens has long, wavy hair in a loose style with a fringe, or bangs. Her hair color is dark brown.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Finding a Prom Hair Style

Prom Hair Styles - 5 hot styles

If you are looking for just the right prom hair style, you will want to check out our feature on Top 5 Prom Hair Styles.

Just a glimpse at the top styles--They are sleek updos, messy updos, partial updos, wavy long hair styles, and straight styles.

See how you can make your style sparkle and sizzle with just a few changes or additions.

Plan ahead for your prom hair style so you won't have any surprises.

Coming soon! The Top Secret Prom Hair Report. You don't want to miss this invaluable report!

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Selecting your hair style

How to find the perfect hair style

When you decide that you want to find the perfect hair style for your face you will need to consider several issues before you find the right style.

First you must consider your face shape. The face shape is very important when trying to decide on a hair style. Some styles can make a round face look less round, a square face look more oval, a long face look less long, etc.

Sometimes you may want to add bangs to your hair style to camouflage a high forehead, or add just a little extra dimension to your look.

Find out what your face shape is by clicking on the button below. Then you can go to the next step of finding your hair style.


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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Choosing a Hair style to Fit Your Face & Personality

By Sarah Freeland

Choosing a hairstyle that is right for you isn’t as easy as it sounds. First you need to select a haircut that fits your face, and then you need to find a hair color that will work well with your natural coloring. In addition to taking into consideration your face shape and skin coloring you also need to think about what hairstyles will reflect your personality and spirit.

When you are selecting a haircut you need to take into consideration what shape your face is. People who have oval faces are very lucky, as this shape offers you the most options. Basically anything will look good on you because your face is already balanced. If you have a round face then you will need to look for haircuts that add height to your face. You do not want to select a cut that will add additional bulk to the center of your face, nor do you want to select a cut that will shorten your face. If you have a long narrow face then you will want to select a cut that will add a little fullness to the center of your face. Shorter cuts will probably be your best option, as longer cuts will exaggerate your features even more.

After you have selected a great hair cut you will next need to select a hair color that will accomplish two things. First it should compliment your natural skin tones. Be careful not to select a shade that is either too light or too dark. Next you will want decide whether you want a natural color or a creative shade. This selection should be based on the type of look you are going for, as well as what color will best reflect your personality and your sense of style.

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