Monday, January 31, 2011

Toddler Sides Up

Simple easy toddler style.
First make a square part on the left side of her head and secure with an elastic. 
 Next take a small amount of hair across the front top of her head.  I secured it with an elastic on the right side of the part as shown below.
 Then I pulled both ponytails and the rest of her sides up into a final ponytail.
 Last step is I used a flat iron and made ringlets in her hair.

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Bangs are Hot AGAIN This Year

It is the return (as if they went anywhere) of the hair bang. Many celebrities are adding a full hair bang to their hairstyle for an updated look.  Wispy and side swept bangs are also popular.  See Liz Hurley, photo left.

This siren of the screen carries off this classy look to perfection. Liz's hair has been layered to create a soft and full style which boasts body and bounce. The soft bangs have been parted on the side to create a softer look for the face, and is a flattering option for longer face shapes and high foreheads.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Glamour hairstyles

Beauty & Hair and hairstyles ideas and trends at

Beauty & Hair and hairstyles ideas and trends at

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Short hairstyles

Short hairstyles picture gallery Short hair cuts with advice, accessories and a celebrity section.
Short hairstyles,Short hair styles
short-hairstyles-2009.jpg (250×250)
Short hairstyles,Short hair styles
Short hairstyles,Short hair styles
Short hairstyles,Short hair styles
Short hairstyles,Short hair styles
Short hairstyles,Short hair styles
Short hairstyles,Short hair styles...............

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Medium Hairstyles

Medium Hairstyles pictures, latest medium hairstyles, new medium hair styles and more.
hairstyles-for-medium-length-hair.jpg (350×408)
Medium Hairstyles
 Medium Hairstyles
 Medium Hairstyles
 Medium Hairstyles
Medium Hairstyles

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cameron Diaz Latest Hairstyles 2011
Check out some beautiful and short blonde haircuts of Hollywood beauty Cameron Diaz. These are some of the latest trends for women hairstyles.

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Haircare and Hairstyles Idea

Need some hairstyles idea for your styles now ? why you dont try this book "guide haircare and hairstyles" idea.This book is 256 page book with 280 style ideas and 950 Photographs. It also includes a fantastic collection of 37 hair bands, clips, grips and stylers.
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Eva Longoria Hairstyle : Wavy 100% Chinese virgin Remy Hair Full Lace Wig


For asian women who need look more beauty with wavy hairstyles like Eva Longoria Hairstyles 2010, now you can choose a wig model from pureness Wavy 100% Chinese virgin Remy Hair Full Lace Wig material. see the Eva wig model pictures bellow :

Eva_Longoria_wavy_Hairstyle_Wig_jpg Eva_Longoria_wavy_Hairstyle_Wig_2.jpg Eva_Longoria_wavy_Hairstyle_Wig_3.jpg Eva_Longoria_wavy_Hairstyle_Wig_4.jpg

Product Features

* 100% Chinese virgin remy Human Hair
* Invisible Full Swiss Cap with little stretch from ear to ear
* Fine Baby Hairs around whole Perimeter
* Bleached knots for the full head
* Best quality!!!

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2011 Wavy Hairstyle Trends

For the past several years, straight and sleek hair style is so popular.
And Year 2011 hair style that is soft and dry with a hair style model re-introduced a large wave.

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen and Hollywood actress Kate Hudson is a fan of this hair style, like the Brits Holly Willoughby and Kelly Brook. Thus the okezone quotes from The Sun,

This is a hair style that gives the impression girly and glamorous, and as references to the trend for summer. No wonder when a woman chose to style hair like this everyday.

Joel Silverman, creative director Daniel Galvin, said, "I have seen the trend of the total demand for models who want a blow-dray large size, which is favored hairstyle supermodel Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington."

"In 2010 I saw a wave model with curly hair more loose, so the hair on your appearance also impressed in disarray. Ideally, the model is suitable for hair like hair over a shoulder. But you also can try with a shorter hair style, but must avoid 'moshroom effect' that could reduce the volume effect, "ulasnya.,

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Britney Spears hairstyle

An insider told E! News: “Everyone involved believes she has the necessary proof that she is competent to be in charge of her affairs. She’s more than ready.”

Britney – who has two sons, Sean Preston, five, and four-year-old Jayden James, with ex-husband Kevin Federline – is currently being sued for sexual harassment by former bodyguard Fernando Flores, who has also claimed the star was abusive to her children.

However, Mr. Wallet has rebuffed the lawsuit, stating the bodyguard only filed it against Britney in the hope of producing “sensational headlines”.

He explained to gossip website “The lawsuit that Flores filed against Ms. Spears was done so for sensational headlines only and in keeping with his previous missives.

“It should have been filed against the conservatorship. Mr. Flores knew who we were yet he chose to file against Ms. Spears directly even though she is still under the conservatorship.”

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Simple Asian Women Haircut 2011


Many women are fed up with their old makeup and extensive morning routine. They wish that they could ditch their exhaustive beauty habits and switch to something easier and quicker without losing their put together look.

These hairstyles model are only work for girls with long hairstyle.if your hair curl,wavy or short hair,these styles not work for you.see the simple hairstyle bellow for quicker your morning times.

Girls+long+hair+black.jpg Girls+with_long+haircuts.jpg asian-long-hairstyle-3.jpg Girls+with_long+haircuts.jpg

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Long and Big Curly Haircuts 2011


Many women with naturally curly hair spend years trying to tame, make it to bend the way you want it, straightening, flattening, and generally go against the nature of their hair. But perhaps they should be working with hair instead of against it.

Big, curly and wavy hair made a comeback. Women are bored with the look flat ironed and are trying to put some bounce in theirhairstyles. If you have naturally curly hair is a victory. While all the women are paying dearly for curling treatments and spending hours in the lounge, all you have to do is take a little time before the mirror, splashing in a small number of products and looks like all want.

Tight curls can be a nightmare for women who have them, but when people tell you how beautiful your hair is, seriously. Look at Nicole Kidman. Instead of straightening the curls, keep your hair long and tousled, just solutions dressage and wax. You do not want to go overboard and create the wet form of curls, but a small amount of wax, especially at the ends of hair to create that defined look and add a fountain to your locks.

long-curly-hairstyles-pictures3.jpg Curly+Hair+Cut+Short.jpg long-curly-hair-cut-07.jpg celebrity-long-curly-hair-cut-rihanna.jpg

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Crimped Hair

My oldest daughter has been on a I want crimped hair phase. 
The first time she wanted it crimped I took her hair right out of the bath so it was wet and made 4 french braids.  I figured this would be the easiest way to get crimps without all the work. **NOTE** when she wakes up in the morning make sure the braids are dry.  Hers were not so I took the blow dryer to them for a few minutes.
The picture below is the next morning hair.  They turned out really cute.
 Only a day later she wanted crimps again.  I decided since the braids worked so well the first time we did them again.  This time I did 5 braids because her center braid the day before was much bigger than the rest.  She decided to be helpful and pull the braids out before she talked to me.  Needless to say they were not dry.  The whole center and back of her hair was straight. 
So mom to the rescue we had a crimping iron and the work began.  
Luckily we did not have to crimp the entire thing we just touched up the straight areas.  
Below are the results.   

So for my personal opinion if anyone would like it.  The french braids were much easier and much faster.  However the crimping iron gave us a more even crimp. 

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Toddler Simple Pony

This is truly a simple ponytail.  her hair is finally long enough for a ponytail.  We used the flat iron to give the ponytail really cute curls.  I posted a couple of pictures to show everyone the personality of my little Monkey.
The key to keeping the ponytail looking smooth is doing it while its wet or using a spray bottle to wet the sides.

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