Friday, May 28, 2010

Short hairstyle

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Short Hairstyle For Men

Short Hairstyle For MenHairstyling Not only for the woman. A charge of a man booty affliction and the appearance of his beard for a contemporary and Chichi also attend. And declare as you can see on television, and there are basic materials for a living for men such as candles and shampoo. Announced that the men in order to identify the hairstyle. But better men want to get the hairstyle shortcut instead of a consistent pattern. Men like it because there are abounding allowances that can get:

1. You can look and appearance of your face and wonderful skin. If you accept a face on the egg-shaped with an absolute scalp, forehead proportional, and there is no blister on your head; crew shortcut can refer the best for you.

2. Seems to be acceptable to men. The men who came with a shortcut to live and added masculine, sexy and strong, and professional.

3. Because it represents a simple life.

4. It is easier to charm the spoils.

5. Low maintenance. If you are a real and active at the time do not accept hairstyling, you can get a shortcut hairstyle. What do you charge for the emergence of your beard is: ablution your hair, anhydrate dry, put some anoint or gel, and management before your application is or comb, and do.

Short Hairstyle For Men6. It will provide your money. Because it requires the wealth of material living under constant hair. Type of material that can provide such as shampoo, the color of the beard, the beard Stiller, air, Moss, cream, volumizing, glue the beard, hair, lotion, gel wax / and into the water.

7. It reflects decisiveness, logic, outgoing self-confidence, and can be accessed from any challenge.

8. The best men attending adolescent If Abrasive shortcut hair.

9. Shorten the beard accumulate the beginning of your bow and air-conditioned in the summer.

Short Hairstyle For Men10. It works the abundance of the largest in sports and outdoor activities. Because it is much easier to manage and attractive to wash often.

11. It is apple pie and healthy. It is airy and fire. Therefore, it can tarnish and abundant under heat, dust and UV rays, chlorine alkali or baptize backstroke, etc..

12. It requires to be closer to continued to pile up in the figure. Therefore, it will cancel the breach end clean and accumulate your beard.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sponge Curlers

My new work schedule has changed a lot lately so our hairstyles have gotten really simple.  I bathed my daughter the other night and she asked for curlers put in her hair.  I use sponge curlers since I think they are easier to sleep in.

To get big curls I made large parts and wrapped them tightly around the curlers.
When she woke up the next morning I took a blow dryer to make sure all the hair was dry.
Shown below I took one curler out to show the large curls these made.
Take out all of the curlers
She asked for a ribbon headband.  Since we all know these don't stay in all day by themselves.  I took a small amount of hair just above each ear and singled it out.  Then place the ribbon behind that hair.  Pull the small amount of hair that was left out across the ribbon and take another small amount of hair on the opposite side of the ribbon and secure with an elastic. (SHOWN BELOW).
Take both sides of the hair and secure together at the base of her head.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Updo Fun for HOT Days!

I apologize for the lack of posts we have been out of town for the last week.  We played as a family all last week in the warm sun at the lake here is one of the hairstyles.  As I have mentioned before my daughter hates to have her hair down when its hot.

I started by making 2 french braids up her hair starting from the bottom of her head (as shown below)

Then I took a small amount of hair and pulled it just above her ear (this was to keep her bangs out of her face).  I left a small amount of hair just above her hair along the face line.  This will be used to cover the elastic. (see picture below.)
Pull all the remaining hair except the small amount of hair along the hair line into a ponytail.
Shown below is the hair left out of the ponytail temporarily.

Take the remaining hair and pull it across the elastic and secure it around the ponytail.
Then make a messy bun with all the hair. 

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ricardo Kaka Hairstyles

Ricardo Kaka Hairstyles
Ricardo Kaka hairstyle

Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, better known as Ricardo Kaka, is a Brazilian born professional footballer (soccer player). His family was well enough off during his childhood that he was able to focus all his attention on school and soccer.

Kaka has had a very successful career playing as a midfielder, and sometimes striker, for three different professional teams. He began his professional career at the age of 15 playing for Sao Paulo. As European teams began to take an interest in him, he signed to play for Milan in 2003. This year, Kaka was signed to play for Real Madrid.

One common thread that links all of the hairstyles worn by Kaka during his career is that all are short. Beyond that, he appears to have adopted a different hairstyle for each team he has played for.

Ricardo Kaka Hairstyles
Ricardo Kaka hairstyle

When he played for Milan, he parted his hair in the middle and allowed his bangs to frame his face on each side of his eyes. He did not use any products that would show in his hair, such as gel or pomade.

For team Brazil, Kaka wore his hair heavily coated in product to make it look wet, even when dry. His hair also was styled so that it looked a little messy, as if he had forgotten to comb it that day.

Ricardo Kaka Hairstyles
Ricardo Kaka short hairstyle

Today, Kaka wears his hair with his bangs combed down in front with a bit of feathering toward the sides of the head. This style is something of a blending of the two previously mentioned. He uses less product on his hair, but to better advantage than before.

Ricardo Kaka hairstyles may change each time he changes to a new team. One thing is certain. He will keep his hair short and he will look good on the field no matter who he is playing for. Here are more pictures of Kaka hairstyles:

Ricardo Kaka Hairstyles
Ricardo Kaka hairstyle

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Lee Min Ho Hairstyles

Lee Min Ho Hairstyles
Lee Min Ho hairstyle

Lee Min Ho is a 22 year old South Korean actor and model. He was born in Seoul, South Korea on June 22, 1987. Active in his career since 2006, Lee is probably most popular for his role as Gu Jun Pyo in the Korean television series Boys over Flowers.

Lee Min Ho Hairstyles
Lee Min Ho 'Gu Jun Pyo' hairstyle

Lee Min Ho Hairstyles
Gu Jun Pyo curly hairstyle

For this role, he sported curls, a really difficult style to manage with Asian hair. Because his black hair is naturally straight, he had to have a permanent periodically to keep the curls alive. It did have the effect of making him look as if he has much more hair than is actually there.

Lee Min Ho Hairstyles
Lee Min Ho straight hairstyle

Lee Min Ho Hairstyles
Lee Min Ho pompadour hairstyle

In May, 2009, he was photographed for the June issue of Vogue Girl magazine wearing a James Dean hairstyle. His hair was combed back in a combination between a pompadour and a ducktail, making him look every bit the rebel.

In a commercial that was recently shot in the Philippines, Lee was cast as a bit of a bad boy. To pull off the look, he wore his hair straight and long with sideburns that reached all the way to his jaw. In one scene, he is seen kissing "bad girl" Sandara from the band 2NE1.

Sporting different hairstyles for different roles makes it easier for Lee to avoid being type cast into roles that are mirror images of his character in Boys over Flowers.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Japanese Long Hair Styles for Men

Japanese Long Hair Styles for Men

Asian Long Hair Style

Japanese Long Hair Styles for Men

Asian Long Hair Style

Japanese Long Hair Styles for Men

Asian Long Hair Style

Japanese Long Hair Styles for Men

Asian Long Hair Style

Japanese Long Hair Styles for Men

Asian Long Hair Style

Japanese Long Hair Styles for Men

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To give a little history on the pigtails.  I actually dislike the look of pigtails.  My mom will always put my daughters hair in pigtails when she has her because I won't.  My daughter loves them so this is my version of the pigtails.

I started by pulling her bangs  to the side ( her bangs are still growing out)  I gave them a side swoop 
Then make your center part.
Here is were I added a little flair.  I pulled a small amount of hair and secured it with an elastic (as shown below)  I made a pull thru twist in it. and then pulled the all the remaining hair into a ponytail.
The back view below
Then I curled her pigtails into ringlets.

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GiveAway Winners

The Winners of our first giveaway for the SideWinders are

#6 IAguirre


#14 Staci Stephenson

Will you please email me at with  your address so I can get them shipped to you.

Thanks to everyone who entered. 
Keep watching for more chances to win other fun hair accessories.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Toddler SideWinder Fun

A reminder to anyone who wants to enter today is the last day before we give away 2 sets of SideWinders

My 3 year old brings me the sidewinders everyday and wants them put in her hair. 
So here is another simple fun idea.

I made a zig-zag part in her hair and then made 2 ponytails and then added the sidewinders( in colors of pink and purple.  These were the 2 colors she picked. 

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hairstyles Spiky For Men 2010

Whether a man is annoying about his shoes or his outfit, he is best actually not annoying about his hair. That is why annoying hairstyles for men accept appear aback so strong, abounding men artlessly do not appetite to accord with their beard and annoying hairstyles are cool accessible to accomplish already you apperceive actually what you are doing!

It is accessible that the alarming ancillary of a man comes out whenever he has annoying hair. That is additionally the best affair about this hairstyle, for women actually adulation a man that is affectionate of on the alarming ancillary and this hairstyle can do wonders for that. However, this attending can be adamantine for some men to accomplish artlessly because they accept no abstraction how to do it!

The breadth of your beard is absolutely activity to be one of the best important things as this is activity to actuate aloof how continued your spikes are activity to be. If you feel that your beard is too continued or too short, aloof allocution with your beard stylist, they will accept some tips and tricks for you!

Honestly, back it comes to spiking up your hair, there are a ton of articles out there that are accurately advised for spiking your beard up. Whether it is hairspray, gel, wax or alike pomade, there are a ton of articles and if you do not apperceive what to do with them, you could be in absolutely a bit of trouble!

It is a accepted actuality that beard cement and beard wax are two articles that assignment absolutely able-bodied if you appetite your spikes to be bedrock adamantine and not move at all. Your beard will actually not abatement bottomward afterwards you use these two products; you absolutely aloof accept to apperceive what you are accomplishing whenever you are application them.

If you anticipate that you appetite your spikes to be able to move, you can absolutely use some gel forth with some pomade. While your spikes ability abatement bottomward already in a while, they are softer and will not attending like they are bedrock beard - some guys like this hairstyle and it is actually popular!

Your final blow should be hairspray. Hairspray is altered from gel or wax, because it is adhesive and can not abutment the spikes by themselves. Hairspray is actually a abundant apparatus to be acclimated as a final blow though, to defended the spikes!

As you can apparently already tell, there are so abounding things to accede whenever you are spiking your beard up. Beard breadth and articles are aloof the top two items, but it absolutely boils bottomward to your own style!

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