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Best Hair Styles of the week- June 12, 2006

Best hair styles of the week - June 12, 2006

Jenna Elfman hair styles

This half updo, slightly messy updo is a great style for any formal occasion. Contrary to past formal styles that dictated neatly coifed hair, the messy, undone look is now the chic formal style.

To create this look on your own, apply a styling cream throughout the hair and blow dry using a large round brush. Part the hair deep on one side, straightening the top of the hair. If you have difficult hair, you may need to run a flat iron over the top part of the hair.

Loose waves can be created on the ends of the hair using a curling iron.

Gently back comb sections of the crown area to create a little height. Smooth the hair on top with your fingers, pulling back hair from ear to ear into a loose low ponytail in back. Attach a jeweled pony tail holder or decorative hair piece for added elegance.

Finally, position the loose curls and spray all over with a finishing spray to keep all hair in place.

Until next week, Have a great hair week!

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Paris Hilton Sedu Hairstyles
by Maya Marxton

"Paris the Heiress" is famous for her too many scandals as well as for the controversial Paris Hilton Sedu hairstyles. It seems that Paris Hilton had everything – Sedu short hair styles and long ones. We are proud to declare that Paris Hilton may join the Sedu celebrity hair styles club.
Before we learn more about the Paris Hilton sedu hairstyles we are obliged to give you a short description of Miss Hilton. She was born on 1981 as the proud and rich grad daughter of Conrad Hilton the founder of the Hilton hotels.

Paris Hilton likes celebrities – You may ask Leonardo DiCaprio and Edward Furlong or watch her famous sex tape. Some say she is a trouble maker and recently Sir Elton john banned her from future Oscar parties. You can guess why.

Following is a description of some of the famous Paris Hilton Sedu Hairstyles:
1. New style bob cut – In my opinion, this his the best Sedu short hair style Paris
Hilton goes with. The length of her hair is just above the shoulder and the combination of her beautiful face and this round haircut is almost perfect.

2. A wax funky style haircut – This Paris Hilton Sedu hairstyle is unique. It is a typical Sedu celebrity hair style but not typical at all for Paris Hilton. The hair is pinned tightly back and high giving her a princess look.

3. Long blond hair. Probably the most common Paris Hilton Sedu hairstyle is long hair extensions hairstyle.

4. Half up half down Sedu celebrity hairstyle – This is a relatively easy to make hairstyle and one of the pretty ones. This Paris Hilton hairstyle looks much more natural than the other ones.
By the way, according to the latest rumors from Paris Hilton hair stylists and hair dressers, her hair is in a bad condition because of the constant makeovers and changes it is going through.

Read more about celebrity hairstyles on Paris Hilton Sedu hairstyles secrets or find valuable hair styles info on Sedu celebrity hairstyles on TiGilet

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Celebrity Sedu Hairstyles – Secrets Revealed

Author: Paton Jackson

If you’re into fashion and into keeping up to date with the latest trends then you will have heard all about sedu hairstyles but how do celebrity sedu hairstyles achieve the look we all want? Would you like to know how to achieve Paris Hilton sedu hairstyles? Maybe you would prefer to know how to get Britney Spears sedu hairstyles. Whatever celebrity sedu hairstyles you are after we have the answers you have been looking for.

Celebrity sedu hairstyles are not the great mystery you may have though they were, in fact you can create these celebrity sedu hair styles from the comfort of your own home, and you don’t even need a hair stylist. That’s right you can achieve Paris Hilton sedu hairstyles yourself. Not convinced, then let us reveal the secrets to celebrity sedu hairstyles.

If you have seen pictures of sedu hairstyles then you have probably dreamed of having the same look. These celebrity sedu hair styles are everywhere you look and believe it or not they are also very easy to achieve. In order to create your own celebrity sedu hairstyles you will however need to purchase on major item and that is the sedu hair straightener. The sedu hair straightener is the key to creating these celebrity sedu hairstyles and it is so easy to use you can do it from the comfort of your own home in as little as five minutes.

So there you have it, the secrets of celebrity sedu hairstyles revealed; the sedu hair straightening iron. Of course it is not only the iron that creates the celebrity sedu hair styles you dream of, it is also learning to use the iron and knowing how to create the style. A sedu hairstyles guide will give you all the information you need and in no time you too will be sporting celebrity sedu hairstyles.

Looking for a new hair style? Looking for more info on celebrity hairstyles ? Find it all only on the Celebrity Sedu Hairstyles Best Website. All about hairstyles on

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Sedu hair straightener popular hairstyles

Author: Paton Jackson

Sedu hair straightener is the most popular hair care tool among young women in north America. But do they use it properly? Do they design their dream like hairstyle ? Do they reveal the wonders of sedu hairstyles? Let us reveal some of them

1. Sleek flip – This hairstyle can suite any young energetic women as well as serious business women. Using the sedu hair straightener you can achieve a sleek flip hairstyle easily leaving your hair smooth and straight with a flip at the ends, adding a young look to your hair. To design this hair style follow these steps : First, use a styling mousse from the hair roots to its ends. Than, brush your hair while blow drying your hair. Finally, comb your hair away from the face and use a sedu hair straightener to get the flip at the ends.

2. Casual chic – This quickie hairstyle, allows you to show off your face. This clean beautiful hairstyle can be very impressive if designed properly with the sedu hair straightener. To design this hair style follow the following steps : After you clean and wet your hair, put some styling gel from your hair roots to its ends. Then, Blow dry your hair until it is completely dry.

Then, straighten your hair using sedu hair straightener parting it down its center. Finally, use a brush to create a pony tail and design the hair close to your face with your hands or brush. It is recommended to use some spray to keep the hair in its formation.3. Messy Twist – This hairstyle is the most common one among young business women. It is also very easy to design.

To design this hair style follow these steps : After you clean and wet your hair, put a small portion of styling mousse on it. Then use the sedu hair straightener to straighten your hair (after drying it completely). Then, pull the side section of your hair nearest to face toward the mirror. Make a twist of the back section of your hair and secure it with pins. Then, pull the side sections of your shoulders and create a mini twist. Attach it to the back twist and secure it with pins. Use a comb to tug out three hair sections near the top sides of the hairUse theses guide lines to make the most of your sedu hair straightener. Remember, these little things make the difference.

911 Corp. executed a research and found the best hair straightening methods. The results were clear. Sedu hair straightener is the most efficient hair straightener. Find out more on sedu hair straightener .All about hair on best hair loss products.

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Sedu Hairstyles - Why the Sedu hair straightener is the latest

Author: Caroline Smith

Sedu hairstyles are the latest trend among women wanting to emulate the straight hairstyles of their favorite celebrities and the Sedu hair iron is their weapon of choice in the battle to combat curly, wavy or just plain rebellious hair. This revolutionary hair straightener is all the rage among top hair stylists, and its unique design makes it the perfect tool for straightening all types of hair. The surge of interest in this flat iron has been fueled by the current popularity of Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston hairstyles, as well as the straight hair styles sported by the likes of Hilary Duff and Jessica Simpson.

The Sedu hair straightener is designed to be easy and pleasant to use, with no pulling or snagging. It uses special ceramic tourmaline plates that generate a high level of negative ions. Not only does the Sedu hair iron halve the time it takes to straighten hair, compared to regular straighteners, but it's claimed it leaves hair up to three times as smooth and silky too. So you can achieve a stunning new look and save time! Sedu hairstyles can be created on any length of hair, including short haircuts. This flat iron has different temperature settings ranging from 120C - 200C, depending on your hair type. A high heat helps straighten thick or coarse hair faster, whereas a lower setting is ideal for fine or dry hair types.

Loads of sleek and stylish Sedu hairstyles can be created, and it's lots of fun to try out different looks, such as flipping the ends out for a smart and sexy appearance, or turning them under to frame your face, for an elegant look. The Sedu hair straightener is designed to be convenient and simple to use on a daily basis, and gives women the power to transform their appearance in a matter of minutes. There are loads of pictures of Sedu hairstyles and tips on how to give yourself a new image, in magazines and on the internet, so you can achieve that perfect style without the need to visit an expensive stylist!

Caroline Smith is a successful author and regular contributor to - an online resource all about Sedu hairstyles, including celebrity Sedu hairstyles and tips on using Sedu hair straighteners.

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Celebrities hairstyles Pictures for women (IX)

Halle Berry

Halle Berry is the first African-American ever to win an Oscar as best actress.

She won the award on 24 March 2002 for her starring role in the drama Monster's Ball (2001, co-starring Billy Bob Thornton). Berry went from the world of beauty pageants in the mid-1980s to a television series, Living Dolls in 1989. In 1991 she began performing in feature films, including Spike Lee's Jungle Fever. She continued to appear in small roles on TV and on the big screen, notably with Warren Beatty in Bulworth (1998) and as actress Dorothy Dandridge in Introducing Dorothy Dandridge (1999). She played Storm in the X-Men movies (2000 and 2003, with Hugh Jackman) and the lead in 2004's Catwoman. Her other films include Swordfish (2001, with Jackman and John Travolta) and the James Bond thriller, Die Another Day (2002, with Pierce Brosnan).

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Sedu Hairstyles

Author: Bev Downey

Ever wonder how your favorite celebrities get those amazing sleek sedu hairstyles that makes their hair look soft, silky and super straight? They used a Sedu ceramic flat iron to get their fabulous straight hairstyles. You may think that this style is only achievable in the hair salon, but you can actually get those celebrity sedu hairstyles with your very own Sedu ceramic flat iron at home. It's the must have accessory!

Every year celebrities set the trends in fashion and hairstyles, and this year will be the same. You will see the top celebrities showing off their sedu hairstyles and everyone will still be talking about their hair.

Stars best known for their sedu hairstyles are Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez, but there also many other celebrities such as Marcia Cross, Madonna, Eva Mendes, and Eva Longoria just to name a few who also sport sedu hairstyles frequently. It has become so popular, that almost all hairstyles that involve straightening your hair are often referred to as "sedu hairstyles".

So why is the Sedu ceramic flat iron considered the best hair straightener on the market? The secret is Sedu's patented ceramic tourmaline plates. They create heat that is evenly distributed throughout the iron, producing styles that are next to impossible to achieve with other hair straightener's. It's fast becoming the hair straightener of choice for weddings, proms or for that person looking for the Jennifer Aniston sedu hairstyle look. Whether you have short, medium length, or shoulder length hair, the sedu flat iron can create amazing sedu hairstyles no matter what length it is.

Extreme curls used to only be tamable by heavy chemicals. These treatments are very expensive and don't always do a good job and you always have to drench it with tons of hair products to keep it within reason. The chemicals most often used in chemical straightening are sodium hydroxide, guanidine hydroxide and ammonium thioglycolate. Not only are these chemicals not healthy for your hair they can also damage it. With the Sedu flat iron you can avoid using all those strong chemicals on your hair and get better results with out all the fuss. Also when you use chemical hair straightener's, if you are unhappy with the results you are stuck with them. With the Sedu you can change your hairstyle as often and frequently as you like.

Many Women who were unsatisfied with their hair who started using the Sedu hair straightener are thrilled with the Sedu as it has made their hair more vibrant and stunning then ever before. And they no longer have to make appointments with the hair salon and pay for expensive hair stylists because with the Sedu ceramic flat iron, it can all be done at home.

If you always wanted to get that celebrity sedu hairstyle look, now you can thanks to the sedu ceramic flat iron. Take a look at this Sedu Hairstyles How To guide to get you started.

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How to Create the Hottest Sedu Hairstyles

Author: Talia Phillips

Many of the most famous celebrities in both television and movies are sporting Sedu Hairstyles. Celebrity Sedu hairstyles are one of the many latest fashion trends to come out of Hollywood. What makes the celebrity Sedu hairstyles unique though? Why are the Sedu hairstyles so popular?

The celebrity Sedu hairstyles are very popular for a lot of women who have naturally curly hair, or thicker and more course hair. Many celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Halle Barry, Angelina Jolie and many others do not have natural long smooth and flowing hair like you constantly see them sporting on television and in movies. The secret of many movie stars is their celebrity Sedu Hairstyles. Why would they choose Sedu hairstyles though?

The celebrity Sedu hairstyles are very popular for a reason. The Sedu hairstyles are created using the Sedu Hair Iron. The Sedu hair iron is uniquely designed and patented using ceramic plates that are actually made of tourmaline crystals. These are combined with a negative ionic charge in order to remove static from the hair. This alleviates the problems of cling in their celebrity Sedu Hairstyles. The end result is a Sedu Hairstyle that will last longer and look better than any other.
How do the celebrity Sedu hairstyles last longer and why? The patented ionic technology of the Sedu hair iron increases the hold in the hair. While this may not seem plausible at first, let us see why. Between the patented tourmaline ceramic plates and infrared heating technology the Sedu flat iron actually molds the hair. The celebrity Sedu hairstyles last longer because there is no need (On most Sedu Hairstyles) for hairspray or other chemicals, which often fail when exposed to heat or light.

What about dyed hair? Actors and actresses frequently have to dye their hair and change their celebrity hairstyles in order to fit better in certain roles. The Sedu flattener Iron is designed so that there is no conflict with dyes or tints normally used in hair coloring. The celebrity Sedu hairstyles you see can be done with any color or variety of hair.

Many ethnic actresses are big fans of the celebrity Sedu hairstyle. Often the desired result is simply to straighten curly, unruly or kinky hair. The Sedu hair iron’s unique patented design and construction make it ideal for this use. Many of the celebrity Sedu hairstyles you have seen are a direct result of using nothing more than the Sedu hair iron and little or nothing else.
Whether the celebrity and the celebrity Sedu Hairstyle in question is on Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Pamela Anderson (C’mon, you didn’t think her hair was naturally that way did you?) or one of the many other celebrity Sedu hairstyles being seen more and more among Hollywood’s elite, you can be sure the Sedu celebrity hairstyle was created using a quality made Sedu Hair Iron. If you want to make your own hair style comparable to the many celebrity Sedu Hairstyles, the first step is get your own Sedu hair Iron. The possibilities for your Sedu hairstyles or even celebrity Sedu hairstyles really are limited only by your imagination.

Talia Phillips is a Professional Writer & Researcher. For more information and to view her written work, please visit the websites below.Her Sedu Hairstyles website is here. It has lots of resources about Sedu Hairstyles, Celebrity Sedu Hairstyles, Sedu Hairstyle Tips and Sedu Hairstyle pictures. Sedu Hairstyles& Talia writes content for a website about weight loss through acupuncture ear staples. Acupuncture Ear Staples for Weight Loss

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Have you got the latest celebrity sedu hairstyle?

by Alissa Carter

Sedu Hairstyles - how to achieve the perfect celebrity look

Sedu hair is the current 'in' fashion. It looks nice on everybody, but you do need to know how to make it go from looking great to looking super sexy! You've probably noticed that some celebrities are going for the sedu hairstyle - including Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, Keira Knightly, Paris Hilton and Hilary Duff.

7 Steps to achieving the perfect celebrity look for your hair:

1. Spray a heat-protective spray in your hair, this insures very little damage is done to your hair. Be sure to spray over the entire length of your hair.
2. Fully dry hair using a blow dryer. Make sure that you blow downwards, this is so the you can keep the cuticles lying flat, thus leaving your hair shinier, because more light can reflect from your hair.
3. Comb through your hair with a wide-toothed comb, so as not to create static in your hair. Keep this comb for the next part.
4. Separate your hair into sections. Depending on the thickness of your hair you may end up having created between 4 and 10 sections. Start with the hair closest to your neck. and work up to the top. You will find that the more sections you have the straighter your hair will be in the end.
5. Once you have your first section, turn on your hair straighteners. Starting at the top pull the straighteners down towards the floor. Do this fairly slowly. The slower you go the straighter it will be and the longer it will stay in. But also the slower you go the more damage you cause to you hair.
6. Once your first section is straight, continue until all the hair is completed.
7. If you are happy with your look, then spray some shine spray over all your hair. If not, continue straightening your locks until you achieve desired effect, please remember that straighteners can also create curls and waves, so be creative.

Sedu hairstyles

We know that you want your hair to look stunning, by using the same techniques and styles as the celebrities, your hair will look amazing. For further tips and ideas for how to look great, visit Celebrity Sedu Hairstyles This article was submitted by Alissa Carter, owner of Dress Search - Prom Dresses website. Alissa enjoys shopping and has set up this dress site to review where to shop for the perfect dresses.

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Celebrity Hair Styles In 2006 – Paris Hilton Sedu Hairstyles And Others

By: Paton Jackson

Each year celebrities set the trend for fashion, beauty, and of course hairstyles and 2006 is no exception. 2006 will see the continuation of the sedu hairstyles and top celebrities such as Jenifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears are all sporting sedu hair straightener styles.

What many people don’t know is that celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez do not have gorgeous straight flowing locks and their hairstyles are actually achieved using the latest invention; the sedu hair straightener. A revolutionary new ceramic hair iron the sedu hair iron achieves faster results that won’t destroy your hair.

The sedu hair straightener can make those hard to handle stubborn curls and waves a thing of the past and of course with celebrities boosting its popularity, the sedu hair straightener is the must have accessory for 2006.

Looking through any magazine you will see pictures of the Jennifer Aniston sedu style, and although you may think that this style is only achievable in the hair salon, you can actually get the Jennifer Aniston sedu hairstyle from the comfort of your own home.

Everyone wants to look like a celebrity and thanks to the sedu hair straightener you really can. Whatever you hair type, be it short, medium, or long the sedu hair iron can help to enhance the look and feel of your hair. With the sedu hair iron you can achieve those sedu celebrity hairstyles of your dreams.

You can have Jennifer Aniston sedu hair styles one day followed by Jennifer Lopez sedu hair styles. Make your prom hairdo standout in the crowd or just look and feel gorgeous everyday. We all know that celebrity hairstyles set the trend so why not do yourself and your hair a favor by creating your own sedu celebrity hairstyles. All you have to do is purchase a sedu hair straightener and the perfect sedu celebrity hairstyles is your.

Make 2006 your sedu hairstyles year and start turning heads just like the celebrities. Go on, you deserve it.

Find valuable hairstyle info on Sedu celebrity hair styles #1 source. The best Sedu Hairstyle info on Sedu hairstyles tips on TiGilet.

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Best Hair Style of the week- June 5

Best Hair Styles of the Week- June 5

Sandra Bullock + Keanu ReevesPhotorazzi/Chris Hatcher

Each week Hair Resources selects a new Best Hair Style of the Week. This week the winners are Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves.

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves Hair Styles
Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves will release a film this summer called The Lake House. And if their hair styles are any indication of how great the movie will be, then it will be a box office hit.
Sandra has a medium-length hair style that features long layers. My guess is that she has very thick hair and needed the long layering to get her hair to lay smooth.

To create this style on your own, first apply a styling product and/or a heat protectant. Begin blow-drying the hair and use a large round brush to direct the layers down and under. Part the hair slightly off-center.

Create smooth hair by running a flat iron from the roots to the ends, smoothing all the long layers down and under. Finally, finish the style by applying a finishing and shine spray.
Keanu also has a great hair style. The length is slightly longer than a short hair style, but not quite a medium hair style. The hair is layered and slightly longer in the crown area.

To create this style on your own, apply a styling creme or gel throughout the hair. Blow-dry the hair and use your fingers to direct the layers and hair into position.

In short, if you want to get a great summer hair style, look to Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves for two great examples of a good and flattering hair styles.

To see photos of Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves Great Hair Style, Visit and

Have a great hair week!

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How To Choose A Hairstyle That’s Perfect For You

By: Darla Di Grandi-Aguilera

Choosing the perfect hairstyle is just one of those things that elude most women. Sometimes, a gorgeous cut is undermined by the fact that the woman wearing it is too busy to style it properly. Other times, a cut is chosen because of how great it looks on someone else, but ends up looking pathetic on the woman wishing to mimic the style because her hair type and texture is the exact opposite needed to wear the style beautifully.

But not everyone is destined to encountering hairstyle disaster after disaster on their quest for the perfect cut, and neither are you. All it takes is just a little bit of preplanning and consideration to get the perfect hairstyle each and every time you go to the salon. Here are just a few questions that you should ask yourself when changing your style:

· How does the cut or style flatter my face and body shape? Probably the number one mistake that women make when choosing a new style is to choose a style that is unflattering to their features. For example: A swept back style would make a round face look even rounder, but a style that softens up the facial features with a little forward movement can make a round face appear more balanced and oval. Haircuts can also be tailored to draw the eye to your most stunning features and to detract it from those you’d rather hide.

· How much time and effort will I have to put into styling each morning? In today’s hectic-paced world, who has time to burn styling hair? Most of us need a style that is easy to work with and requires little time primping in front of the mirror. Even if you have a style that requires more work, it is likely that you will bypass a majority of the care and maintenance needed for it to look its best on most days. And that could add up to a lot of bad hair days. Instead, choose a style that is easy to work with and compliments your hair’s natural tendencies.

· Will this style work with my hair’s type and texture or work against it? If your hair is limp and straight, choosing a heavily layered style that requires a curling iron or hot rollers every day could get exhausting. Likewise, a sleek, flat style on extremely curly locks could take a lot of effort to maintain. So, try to choose a style that will work with your texture. By doing this, you can have a style that seems to go into place magically with little or no fuss on your part.

· Will this style accommodate my lifestyle? If you have to wear your hair up for your job or if you’re a tomboy who loves to throw on a ball cap, you should consider this before deciding on a hairstyle. After all, who wants to be stuck with a style that they have to curl each and every day when their tendency is to wear it in a pony tail? If you wear your hair up often, be sure to choose a style that will still allow you to do this when the mood or need strikes you.

Choosing the perfect hairstyle does not have to be complicated. Just take a little time to really think about what your needs and wants are, and you should be able to get the style you dream of easily. And the best part is that you won’t regret it once you have it.
By Darla Di Grandi-Aguilera Founder of Hi-Lites Aveda Cathedral City Salon & Spa

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Celebrities hairstyles Pictures for women (VIII)

Halle Marie Berry Hairstyles

Halle Marie Berry was born 14th August 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Halle berry’s starts with that she was raised by her mother Judith and psychiatric ward nurse with her older sister Heidi, Halle was only four years old when her father left them but she grew to be a child of many talents. Halle berry’s school life was great, she was a cheerleader, and editor of the school paper and many more things she did was a big success.

She was entered into the miss teen Ohio beauty pageant by her then boyfriend where she got to where the crown, she also won the miss teen all American, Miss USA and Miss World. She has starred in many films including The Last Boy Scout, Jungle Fever, Boomerang, The Flintstones, Losing Isaiah, and Executive Decision, Race the Sun, B.A.P.S, Bulworth, X-Men, Monsters Ball, Die Another Day, X-Men 2, Gothika, Nappily Ever After, The Set Up, The Guide, Swordfish and Catwoman.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

How To Choose The Perfect Hairstyles For Your Face

By: Donna Monday

There must be a million and one ways to style our hair.

If you like your hair styled short, there are short hair styles for women, short hairstyles for men, short curly hair styles, short black hair styles, celebrity short hair styles, etc.
If you like your hair styled long, there are long frizzy hair styles, long curly hair styles, long layered hair styles, long braided hair styles, etc.

However, everyone's face shapes are not created equal. Some faces are round, some are thin, some are soft, and some are angular.

Believe it or not, a hairstyle can help to accentuate or draw away from certain facial characteristics.

The following are tips on styles that can make the most of your particular features:

Face Too Round - Putting a side part in the hair will slim and lengthen a face that's too round.
Thin Face - Curls or fullness at the sides will widen a long, thin face.
Large Nose - A full hairstyle or upswept crown makes the nose less noticeable.
Sharp, Angular Features - A wavy or curly hairstyle will soften a chiseled cheekbone, nose or jaw.
High forehead - A horizontal line of full bangs can cover the forehead, balancing the face.
Strong or Square Chin - A short cut with soft curls or fullness at the crown, takes attention away from the chin.
Narrow Chin - Long hair with fullness at the chin will balance a narrow chin.
Low Forehead - Vertical lines and soft fullness at the crown can lengthen the face.
Copyright 2005 Donna Monday Give Yourself A 60-Second Make Over

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sedu hairstyles for different occassions

by Kari Eriksson

When you see someone, famous with a sedu hairstyle you may think that you would look good with that kind of hair. You will want to think about one thing about the famous persons sedu hairstyle and that is that they have professionals doing their hair all the time for the movies and pictures so that it looks great all the time.

When you are looking into getting a sedu hairstyle you will want to see some of the pictures that are out there to show you how a sedu hairstyle looks. You will want to think about what you will be doing when you have a sedu hairstyle so that you are going to receive the one that is going to be perfect for your occasion.

If you are going to go to a prom you may really want to think about how you will style your sdue hairstyle so that it will last all night long. Then you will know that you are not going to need to mess with your sedu hairstyle when you are supposed to be out enjoying your self at prom.

This would be the same aspect if you are going to be in a wedding you will want to make sure that you will have the perfect sedu hairstyle that will last for the entire day. Plus you will want to make sure that it is going to match up with any kind of a hairpiece that you are going to be wearing for the special occasion that you are going to.

One thing that you may be thinking of is if you are going to be able to do your sedu hairstyle yourself or if you are going to need the assistance of a beautician for the style that you want. If you are getting ready for a prom or a wedding you may want to think about going to a beautician so that you are not going to run into any problems when you are doing your hair your self. That seems to always happen when you are trying to do your own hair for a big day, that is why it is good to go to a beautician for the assistance with your hair.

If you are just going to have a sedu hairstyle for an everyday even you will want to think about just straightening your hair yourself at home so that you are not wasting your money when you have someone else do your hair for you. Really it is not all the hard to give your self a sedu hairstyle you are going to just need to make sure that you have a little patients and take your time to do it. That is one way that you are going to be able to save some money in the long run.

Kari Eriksson is an infopreneur and has become somewhat of an expert on Sedu hair styles. He runs several sites with articles, links and useful resources including, and

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Get the Straight Hair You've Always Wanted

by G.W. Smith
The Sedu Ceramic Hair Straightener is known as the styling tool of the stars. It has been known for creating two of Hollywood's favorite Jennifer's signature hairstyles. The first is Jennifer Aniston of Friends, and the other Sedu user is Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Aniston, who played the character known as "Rachael" on Friends, created as much buzz about her fashion leading hairstyles as the writers did for their character's quirky storylines. During the last decade, thousands of women flock to their stylists asking for the same haircut. The one thing they didn't know is that after the locks had been layered, Jennifer's style was shaped and fashioned with the Sedu Ceramic Hair Straightener.

Not only has Jennifer Aniston made the Sedu Straightener one of the most sought after hair products but Jennifer Lopez uses it as well. Her hair is naturally curly and wavy, and it is the Sedu that is credited with adding shine and sheen to Jennifer Lopez's curly locks.

The Sedu Straightener has given many women the look and style that they have only dreamed about doing on their own. Now, the secret has been released and demand for this styling tool has increased, making the Sedu Straightener one of the most requested straighteners on the market today.

Sedu: Shine and Shimmer

Naturally curly and wavy hair lacks the luster and sheen that is inherent to straight hair. This may not be a matter of unhealthy hair or the effects of too many chemicals. In fact, it is the natural state of curly or wavy hair to reflect light. The strands are bent and therefore light will bounce off the hair, giving an appearance of dryness.

Straight hair, on the other hand does not reflect light with bent strands, therefore smooth straight hair looks sleek and polished. The Sedu Straightener adds a glaze to the top layer (or cuticle) of the hair shaft, and the result is hair full of shine and shimmer. The Sedu uses Ionic technology to achieve its lustrous effects.

Ionic technology diffuses the positively charged atoms on the hair shaft that cause the hair to lose its luster. By holding the Sedu and sliding it over the hair, the Ionic will diffuse the atoms and create a glossy shine to the hair. This will even cause split ends to be mended back together. Of course, once the hair is wet it will lose the temporary effects from the Sedu Straightener.

However, this is a wonderful way to achieve straight hair without using harsh chemicals that can damage the hair's inner layers. Now, you can wear your hair with the look, feel, shine, and gloss that you have only imagined possible.

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Friday, June 9, 2006

Sedu Reviews - Which Hair Type Suits Sedu?

By Oliver Turner

It’s no doubt you have heard about the new sedu hair straightener and the wonderful reviews it has been receiving, but you may still be wondering if the sedu hair straightener is right for your hair.

Everyone has different hair, from wavy, frizzy, and curly, so is the sedu hair iron suitable for all hair types? Looking at the hundreds of sedu reviews that are available on the internet it seems that the sedu hair straightener has been designed to tackle all hair types including curly, wavy, and frizzy out of control hair.

The sedu hair iron rose to fame after numerous celebrities were spotted sporting sedu hairstyles. We are all familiar with the Jennifer Aniston sedu hairstyles and the Jennifer Lopez sedu hair styles, but what about the average ordinary person; can these results be achieved without a professional hairstylist?

Having browsed through the numerous sedu reviews on the internet it seems that the sedu hair straightener is easy to use compared with other straightening brands and it cuts the straightening time by up to a half. There are also no chemicals used which is another bonus when it comes to the health of your hair. The sedu reviews claim that this sedu hair iron works on all hair types thanks to its different temperature setting which can be adjusted to suit the individual hair type.

All the sedu reviews stated the same fact, that this hair iron works, and cuts the straightening time by half when compared with other hair straightening models. Of course just like all the other hair straighteners on the market, practice does make perfect and only by using the sedu hair straightener regularly will you become an expert.

With this in mind it is worth saying that if you purchase a sedu hair straightener assuming that you will have those perfect celebrity sedu hairstyles, you will be disappointed, but in time and after some practice it is safe to say that those celebrity sedu hairstyles can be yours.

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Thursday, June 8, 2006

Formal hairstyles

Formal hairstyles are not an “every day” look that comes very easy; they are after all, “formal” and those take planning and time.

If you’ve looked through papers and magazines and found a certain look for yourself, you must consider your facial lineament before committing to that style. You should know that, very few women are born with perfect oval shaped faces.

Therefore women should look for formal hairstyles that create the perfect illusion of having that charming oval face structure. Women with round faces need formal hairstyles that supply volume at the crown; this pulls the eye up and makes the face look more oval. If you are a woman with a narrow and long face, opt for formal hairstyles that add volume to the sides with little height.

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Monday, June 5, 2006

Celebrities hairstyles Pictures for women (VII)

Birth Name Brandy Rayana Norwood
Nationality American
Height 5' 7"
Date of Birth February 11, 1979
Place of Birth McComb, Mississippi, USA
Spouse Robert Smith (secretly married in July 2001)
Relationship(s) Kobe Bryant (L.A. Lakers player; dated in 1996), Wanya Morris (member of Boyz II Men; dated in 1995)
Education Pepperdine University in Malibu, California (enrolled as of spring 1997)
Profession Actress, Musician
Claim to Fame Album: Never Say Never

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Sunday, June 4, 2006

Be in Vogue with Celebrity Sedu Hairstyles

The recent exposure of the Sedu celebrity hairstyles has generated a lot of interest not only in the Sedu celebrity hairstyles themselves, but in the Sedu flat irons that are used specifically to create the Sedu celebrity hairstyles. The Sedu flat iron uses patented technology and a unique design to create Sedu celebrity hairstyles that not only look great, but Sedu hairstyles that will last all day and most of the night.

The Sedu celebrity hairstyles have been seen on Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears, Jessica Alba and many other stars who are also sporting new Sedu celebrity hairstyles. The real key issue though, is what makes the Sedu celebrity hairstyles unique. The Sedu celebrity hairstyles that have become so popular lately are due to the unique design and advanced technology that is used in the Sedu flat iron. The Sedu flat iron is made with tourmaline ceramic plates. The tourmaline is actually a crystal and has unique properties that make it ideal for use in the Sedu hair straightening iron to create Sedu celebrity hairstyles that are unique, look great and are long lasting. The Sedu hair straightening iron has helped such celebrities as Jessica Simpson get incredible results with their Sedu celebrity hairstyles. By utilizing the unique composition of the tourmaline crystals, generating negative ionic charges and using infrared heating technology, the Sedu hair straightening iron can create Sedu celebrity hairstyles for anyone.

The technology of the Sedu flat iron is used to actually mold and shape the hair instead of just flat it. This means that once the hairstyle has been formed, it will last longer and look better than hairstyles which are created with other, less comparable hair irons. Normal flat irons only flatten the hair. The end result is that when it is styled, it rapidly regains its natural form, meaning that the hair style is now frizzled and worn and will not last long at all. The Sedu celebrity hairstyles in contrast will last a long time since the hair is actually now reformed to a new style and shape. The hair is molded in place allowing the Sedu celebrity hairstyles to easily last all day long. Maybe you like the Sedu hairstyles you have seen on celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez or even just the long straight and flowing hair like the Sedu celebrity hairstyles of Angelina Jolie; and want to create Sedu celebrity styles of your own. Maybe you just want to borrow part of the Sedu celebrity hairstyles and then incorporate your own ideas into the mix. Whatever you want to create for your Sedu hairstyles, it can be done with the Sedu flat iron.

Try creating a Sedu celebrity hairstyle and then adding your own unique flair to it with curls or flips. Make sure that your hair is completely straightened before creating your Sedu celebrity hairstyles in order to make sure that they will last longer and look better though. The Sedu celebrity hairstyles can be created easily by anybody using the Sedu hair straightening irons.
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Friday, June 2, 2006

Sedu Flat Iron and Other Hair Irons Possible Damage

By Paton Jackson

Sedu flat iron became so popular the last few years that in some places, when you say hair flat iron, you say Sedu flat iron. How ever, as any good thing damage is possible if misused.

To understand the possible damage of Sedu flat iron, one must become familiar with it. Well, Sedu flat iron is a type of a hair flat iron with the purpose of straightening hair.

Sedu flat iron is considered the best flat iron today. It was rated the best hair flat iron and preferred by the top hair stylists all over the world. It has patented ultra smooth ceramic plates which guarantee straightening without hair breaking or pulling.

To avoid damage using Sedu flat iron follow the following guide lines:

1. Do not use the Sedu flat iron on wet hair. Even if your hair is slightly damp you can cause severe damage to your hair and the treatment will not be effective. Your hair might get scorched and have permanent damage.

2. Make sure the hair is clean prior to using Sedu flat iron. Actually, we advise to use a shampoo and a conditioner suitable to your hair formation before using Sedu flat iron. Then, the best thing will be applying a leave-in conditioning spray for the hair which will protect the hair for an extended period of time.

3. Size matters and in most cases the smaller the better. If you are an average woman who hasn’t got a very long hair, you should use a Sedu flat iron with the size of up to 1.5″. Wider flat irons are available but are heavier and less efficient for the average hair length.

4. Manage the heat of the iron wisely. Over heating your hair may cause severe damage. Use the paper tip : Before applying the Sedu flat iron on your hair, take a small paper misted with water and put it in between the flat iron plates. If the paper gets dry but not scorched, then the heat is properly set.

5. Work with small hair sections . That way, all hair will be straightened evenly and there will be less heat transactions over your hair.Theses guide lines were written based on the experiences of women who use Sedu flat iron. Following them will optimize your flat iron use.

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Thursday, June 1, 2006

Tragically Blonde Hairstyles

By Lisa Lach

What would you do to go blonde? Female Fatale, Rebel without a Cause is one determined blonde-haired woman. You see them everywhere and against all natural odds - they are blonde. Sort of. They sit in the stylist's chair with frizzy blonde, black-roots begging for more bleach. Their hair is screaming for moisture. See picture on the left...

For under $20 dollars you could help fix that problem with some products that could actually make your hair blonde, healthy and shinny. Maybe even natural? Blondes do have more fun, but if you are not in the Salon cutting your hair every 3 months, and have dry, damaged hair, don't despair.

Should I blow Dry?

Even if you do not blow dry 100% pure natural hair, it becomes damaged creating split ends, by ingredients like climate, dryness, over highlighting and mostly by avoiding your stylist. If you are using a moistening condition for dry hair, or a re-constructer for damaged hair, should able you to blow-dry just fine. Adding heat from a blow dryer weakens the strands and sometimes it breaks off in extreme cases. So put the proper conditioning treatment in your hair and ask a Salon that has a good reputation to help you find that product that you need.

Conditioner or Re-constructer?

If you have just a few blonde highlights, mixed in with a few other colors, you probably just need a moisturizing conditioner. Try Joico's Moisturizer or K-Pac Daily Conditioner, Redkin's Extreme Shampoo, or Sebastian's Potion 9. If you are heavily blonde, and haven't been dark since you can't remember when, then try bc bonacure's Repair Treatment, one of the best quick fixes out there. It's a honey/wheat protein base to help strengthen the hair. For longer term results try Joico's K-Pack Re-constructer. Both products do a great job.


Lowlights might be the way to go and can add a lot more moisture to your hair. Lowlights are usually sliced through the other lightening foils to add depth and darken some of your over stressed blonde hair. Giving it a chance to recover and absorb its lacking pigment. The good thing is that you could go more a natural blonde or golden, if you're brave go for a caramel or a darker color. Pick your blonde back up in the summer, after it 's healthy and rejuvenated. You'll look good and feel better.

If you can't live with the idea of adding some lowlights (and they can be dark blonde lowlights) to your platinum do, then let's fix it the easy way. After Blow-drying and assuming you are using your conditioner apply a small amount of Farouk's Bio Silk Therapy. It's silk in a bottle. It will also protect your hair from the damage it sustains without bleaching or blow-drying. The amount of no more then a dime rubs into your hands before you apply the clear less lotion to dry hair. Instantly all your fly away ends and dryness is gone. Until you wash it, of course.

For an extreme shine finish use Joico's Spray Glaze, Shine-Enhancer. It smells nice and really gives a nice shine. Keeping shine, keeps moisture and helps make you condition process that much easier. There's a reason why blondes have more fun! You go girls!

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