Sunday, November 28, 2010

New long layered hairstyles

Share ideas for long layered hairstyles and post pictures in the gallery of long layered hair. Remember that longer hair is older hair -- be sure to care for your long layered hair with high quality shampoos and conditioners. Find more pictures and information about long layered hairstyles here.
If you have long hair, you definitely have quite an advantage over those who have short hair because you are free to do a lot more things with your hair than someone with short hair is able to do. There are many long hair styles that you can adapt to and you can stylishly wear your hair up or down. As well, there are a lot of layered hair styles that are very appealing that you could incorporate too. Layered hair styles have become the main type of hairstyle that people with long hair are interested in recently.
We all love long layered hairstyles regardless of age, but once women reach 40 years, long hair no longer suits them just so good. This is not generally available but most women who keep long hair and tight in the tail need to choose a shorter style of hairdressing which make them more attractive and that is even easy to trim.
Layered hair styles have really become very popular and you can do so much with your hair even though it is layered and still look amazing. Adding highlights is just some extra icing on the cake because no matter what, if you have layered hair, you will be sitting with a canvas and you can make art with it however you like still.
Long hair problems for women over 40 years: Long layered hairstyles usually tend to hide beautiful women features and this is often lifeless and volume. However there are many women over 40s with long hair which is not life but who are afraid of cutting it.
Layered long hair styles are one of the most versatile haircuts and are also one of the most popular – because of the versatility that exists within the haircut. Long layered haircuts can be used for straight hair, as well as curly hair. The adaptable style is an effective way to reduce styling time while creating a classic style that can be styled in a variety of ways.

How are layered long hair styles identified through the various types of haircuts? Layered long hair styles have a flow and bounce to the style as they are light because the layers have been cut into the hair to enable the top layers of the hair to sit and be styled. The bottom layers of the long hair provide the length, while the top layers of the hair provide the volume which is associated with the hairstyle.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Toddler Braid to Sides up

As most of you who have toddlers know how hard it is for them to sit still.  So with that being said this is the only picture we got after sitting for a french braid. 
Make a small french braid down the center of her head.  Then pull the sides up on top of the braid as shown above.  Then secure all of them together with an elastic.  This is such a cute style.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Beautiful and Sexy Brunette Hairstyle

Hair, 2010 Hairstyles
Beautiful and Sexy Brunette Hairstyle

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Side French Braid

This is one of those really quick and easy styles.
I put her bangs back into a poof and secured it with an elastic.
 Then I made a single french braid down the left side of her head and braided all the way to the ends of her hair.
                                                                     Side view below

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Updo Red Hairstyle by Rihanna

Hair, 2010 Hairstyles
Updo Red Hairstyle by Rihanna

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Toddler Pony's

 This fun and easy hairstyle is simply just 2 ponytails.  You can get as creative as you want. 
We started with a small ponytail that angles to her left ear as shown below.
                                      Then make a parallel ponytail behind the first as shown below.
                                         Below is a side view.  I put a small curling iron through her ponytails to give the ringlet look

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Rihanna with Unique Red Updo Hairstyle

Hair, 2010 Hairstyles
Rihanna with Unique Red Updo Hairstyle

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Side Braid to Bun

 Start by making a french braid on the top left side of her head continue the french braid on until it goes across her head to the opposite ear.
                                                  Now make a messy bun .

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all about man emo hair style

all about man emo hair style
all about man emo hair style
all about man emo hair style

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Funky Bright Red Undercut Hairstyle by Rihanna

2010 Hairstyles, Hair
Funky Bright Red Undercut Hairstyle by Rihanna

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Friday, November 19, 2010


Are you sick and tired of the way you look and feel?  Maybe you are due for a total body makeover.  There are so many options for a makeover that don't have to cost you a fortune. Consider fast hairstyle, body, makeup makeovers that are quick and easy.

Hairstyles Makeovers
1. Add hair bangs- spice up your style fast with ever-so-popular side swept bangs
2. Change your hair color - go up or down one to two shades for a completely different look
3. Deep condition your hair - get all over soft, smooth and sexy hair with a weekly 30 minute deep conditioning.
4. Get a new haircut for your face shape- find out what your face shape and pick a hairstyle that works best

Body Makeovers
1. Wear flattering clothes- find out what your body type is and get some clothes that help you look your best. May need a wardrobe consultant or personal shopper's help
2. Lose some weight - just start eating less every day and walk around the block. Getting started on weight loss plans is the hardest. Just do it now.
3. Lift weights - strength training can do wonders for building muscles and changing the way your body looks.

Makeup Makeovers
1. Get a new foundation- sometimes the foundation you are using isn't getting the job done. Look at different brands out there and find one that might work for you better.  Some stores allow you to return makeup if you try it and don't like it or need to change colors.
2. Watch videos on how to apply makeup- could it be that you aren't applying your makeup correctly? Maybe there is a better way that might even be more flattering. Look around. New mineral makeup is applied in a very specific way.  See more options for makeovers

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Modern Celebrity Hairdos 2010 for Short & Medium Hair

Hair is the most decisive and indispensable rudiments of a person that amplify the exquisiteness and attractiveness of a humanly face. So we go after the modern celebrity hairdos such as hairstyles, haircuts and hair colors. The celebrities are very conscious and follow modern lifestyle; they are the trendsetters of newhairdos and haircuts that we call them as the modern celebrity hairdos.

Modern Celebrity Hairdos 2010 for Short & Medium Hair

Modern Celebrity Hairdos 2010 for Short & Medium Hair

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Toddler Ringlets

My Toddler is going through the I want only 1 elastic if I get 2 in its a miracle so we have been doing a lot of the same styles.  So here is a fun simple hairstyle for toddlers who want plain hair.
We made ringlets in her hair and pulled the bangs back with a Rockin Bobbie Pin

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latest celebrity hairstyles
Eagerly trying to boost her career Vanessa decided to redesign her appearance with one of the latest, cute, short celebrity hairstyles. Miss stylish Vanessa hoped to find new ideas for inspiration in the new, stylish and trendy pictures of short celebrity hairstyles where women like Jessica Alba are promoting a healthy looking style of freshness.

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latest haircuts
The 2010 hairstyles for women will be this seasons most popular hairstyles. Women will be looking on the pages of popular magazines for cues on the year’s trends. This is a good way to see what latest hair styles are popular. It doesn’t mean that you have to totally adopt style. Every hairstyle is versatile and has room for change.
Well educated Keira remembered that makeover experiments could change her social image in an undesired direction, so she desired to ask someone who knows everything about beauty treatments, hair care products and permanent laser hair removals in NYC. Miss Knightley decided to ask a voodoo master hairdresser who graduated in styling of formal hairstyles for short hair.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FrenchBraid Bands to Low Side Pony

This was fun simple and very quick. I started by making a small french braid along the right side of her head.  Braid it all the way down.
      Make another small french braid along the other side of her head braid all the way to the ends.
                                                        Pull all the hair into a low side ponytail.
                                          I then wrapped her hair around the elastic to hide it.

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Runway Medium Hairstyle

The hairstyle here comes straight from the runway of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
and is a chic option for shoulder length hair. The style is very simple with a center parting, layers, and a light twist through the tresses. The level of waviness can be changed to create many unique looks but this one keeps it simple with areas of definition including the ends. Many women will love this cut for the beautiful look produced and how it is low maintenance.

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Choppy Medium Hairstyle

jamison shaw medium length
Medium hairstyles fit well with many styles and the choppy cut is no different as shown by this lovely creation by Jamison Shaw Salon. The hairstyle features many similar components found on most medium length hairstyles and because the length is not too short or too long, allows for lots of different styling methods. The hair in the front including the fringe feature choppy strands and brings about a more blunt appearance. The hair on the sides is styled towards the facial area behind the side of the cheeks which opens up the jaw line and cheekbones which some women might not favor. The hairstyle shows how changing some parts of the hairstyle still produce a fabulous look. This is an outstanding job by the hair stylists at Jamison Shaw Salon.

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Sleek Medium Cut

mcadams should hair
The sleek look is a favorable addition to medium hairstyles that gets really trendy every now and then and here Rachel McAdams shows a very close fitting one that frames the facial area to almost a max. The layered cut features dark, shiny hair that falls down and trims against the face down to the shoulders. The wide fringe masks most of the forehead and brings out the eyes, cheeks, nose, and lips as the hairstyle does not have many flashy features. This sleek hairstyle does its job of covering up key areas, keeping the hairstyle simple, and creating an alluring look. The hairstyle is not hard to style either and a round brush or flat iron can really help create this look. Adding the sleek look to a medium cut and combining this with a fringe definitely creates flattering hairstyles lots of women will love.

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Plain Medium Hairstyle

rachel stevens medium hair
Medium hairstyles can be combined with so many different styling methods but the simplest ones can often be some of the most beautiful ones and Rachel Stevens shows just how it is done. This simple cut features hair that comes to shoulder length and is allowed to fall down with natural looking bends. The hair features a sleek appearance and is parted slightly off-center with some of the front strands falling over the facial area. The hairstyle is very simple but very complimentary to many facial shapes while creating a very charming look. Styling is easy as well as all that is really required is some gel and a brush to style the hair just a little and to keep the strands in place. Extra shine can be added to the hairstyle using a flat iron and some styling products to keep the hair sleek.

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