Thursday, April 29, 2010

2 Braids to Updo

I started by making 2 diagonal frenchbraids that go back to the crown of her head.
Once the braids are secured with elastics I pulled the sides of her hair out of the way with a clip.
Now pull the 2 ends of the braids and secure together with an elasic in the center of the hair you have in the clip.  The hair left down is going to hide the elastics.
Pull up the both sides as shown below.
Secure both the sides in the center of her head with an elastic *Shown Below*
Now take all the hair into a ponytail form and twist it upward.  I secured her twist with a lot of bobby pins.  I also asked her if the twist felt tight, I kept adding bobby pins until she said it felt tight. 

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Question #6

*Question 6*
A question was left for this adorable hairstyle.  She wanted to know how do you wrap the hair around the ponytail and hold it? Do you just tuck it into the rubberband?

Answer:  I usually use clear rubber bands and also bobby pins.  It depends on the style and how wild her hair is on that day.  For this style I just used the bobby pins.  I made several wraps around the ponytail and then took the ends under the ponytail and stuck the bobby pin straight into her hair this way you can't see the bobby pin.

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Layered Short Hair

Medium hair is generally referred to the length of hair reaching from below the jaw line to several inches below the collar or shoulder-length hair. When choosing a layered hair style for medium length hair, it is important to consider not only the length of the hair, but also the shape of your face and texture of your hair so you have a style that best complements your features. For interesting hairstyles that lend an air of sophistication, many women turn to medium layered hair styles. By changing the types of layers and how they are formed, medium layers can be an ideal choice for many different personalities and lifestyles and most definitely the safest bet that can't go wrong!

Medium length hair is an ideal length for all ages and suits all kinds of faces. It provides the double advantage of versatility as well as requires low maintenance. While sporting a short haircut or hairstyle is very convenient, it takes away the feminity and tends to appear tom boyish. Medium hair is easy to maintain but still feminine and flirtatious, and layered styles take advantage of all the best features of the hair length.

The right hairstyle for the right person!
Most importantly, a layered medium hair style can accentuate and highlight some of your best facial features. The layered medium hairstyle looks great framing the woman’s face and bringing out the eyes and lips. You can look smart yet formal and trendy yet chic, all at the same time. Layered cuts are ideal for fine hair, thick hair and curly hair.
  • You could choose those medium hairstyles that complement the shape of your face, especially oval or heart shaped faces as they have the right balance of height and width.
  • People with square shaped faces should best avoid straight medium hairstyles. However, lifting the facial features with texture and framing creates beautiful looks.
  • People having round faces should wear their hair in such a way that it slims down their faces. Hair below the chin line should be worn with a face-lengthening center parting to provide length to the face
  • People with wide chin or narrow foreheads can wear your hair wide and full at the top and temples, brushed away from the face.
  • People with wide faces and an angular jaw can sport short layers that emphasize their cheekbones while softening the sharp and angular jaw line.

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Short Hair Gallery

In all of its transformations and variations, the short hair style has always been numbered at the top of the list when it comes to versatility, style and manageability. No other style catches the eye quite like the short hair style and no other style makes the wearer look as professional, chic and sexy as the short hair style.

Short hair styles worn by women are a fairly new style trend when compared with women's hair styles in general. In fact, cropped styles only came to the forefront of fashion a little more than 50 years ago. Since that time, the short hair style has given women the freedom to express themselves in numerous ways. From the funky and spiked to the soft and feminine, the short hair style can be worn by any woman of any personality, style and age.

Short hair no matter what the age

It has long been a held belief that an older woman should wear a short hair style to make her appear younger. While there is some truth in the belief that long hair tends to make wrinkles and flaws more noticeable, short hair styles and long hair styles can both be worn by women of all ages if they choose the right style to compliment their particular face shape and bone structure.

A good rule of thumb to follow when it comes to choosing a short hair style to suit your age is to pay more attention to your overall appearance rather than focus too much on how old you are. For example: Trendy, spiked styles can emphasize flaws and sagging skin, but I have seen women in their 70s with exceptional bone structure wear these short hair styles and look amazing. On the other hand, I have also seen younger women try to wear these same short hair styles and not be able to quite carry it off. So, if you want to wear a short hair style, pay close attention to your face shape, build and style of dress before deciding how to cut your hair

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Celebrity Short Hair

Sedu Celebrity Hairstyles are in vogue and it easy for everyone to acquire natural, long, soft tresses. Celebrity hairstyles influence a large part of the female populace, so let us get an update of how you can get the look.

Getting Sedu celebrity hairstyle
To get the soft and straight look, you need a Sedu hair iron. This distinctive design, created in America, uses ceramic plates made of tourmaline crystals. The negative ion charge in the unit removes all the static from the hair, which gives you the wonderful, manageable and even seductive look. Your hair gets a shape, without the use of hairsprays or other harsh chemicals

Actors, singers and other celebrities have to spend long hours under strong light, which can ruin the hair and the look. Beautiful locks treated by the Sedu hair straightener do not react to heat and light, and the effect lasts long, besides there is none of the hated “frizzy” look. So before you hit the disco, a stylized Sedu celebrity hairstyle may be a good idea, your hair can look good as you dance away the night.

The Sedu celebrity hairstyle is quick to achieve, the ion charged flat iron actually give your hair the smooth, natural look quite fast. It is also “hair-friendly”, because unlike the coil iron or hairsprays, it does not damage the hair. There is no tearing or pulling, this is such a relief! It works especially well for women who have thick or curly and slightly coarse hair, and transforms these into soft manageable tresses.

The Sedu Celebrity Hairstyle to suit your style and face
Have you noticed something about the modern celebrity hairstyles – they are simple. Their hair could be short or long, but the tresses look natural and unfussy. Long hair like those of Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears is often the result of a Sedu hair straightener, with an application of some appropriate conditioner later. Short hair also becomes sexy with the flick Sedu hairstyle, and again getting this takes as little as five minutes. Once again, you would need to straighten your hair, and flick it just right at each end. Apply a little wax once it is done….and yes, you will look amazing! What’s more, celebrities prefer using Sedu because it suits dyed hair, right from burgundy to blond, rich brown and even hairstreaks.

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Short Hair Pictures

Punk has crawled its way into music, clothes and lifestyle, so it's no surprise that it spread its influence over hairstyles also. This article is dedicated to all those people who are looking forward to going punk. Punk hairstyles are so versatile that one can mold them any way. No matter how outlandish your ideas are, you can never go wrong with punk. Take a look at some punk short hairstyles mentioned below and if you rather not part with your lovely long tresses, then see punk hairstyles for long hair.

Punk Short Hairstyles

The charm about punk short hair is that one can go wild playing with the different styles and colors. You can actually give the hairdresser the reins, and tell him/her to just do absolutely anything 'out of the box'. You can shave some hair, you can spike some, you can have an unruly haircut, colored in all the possible colors. There is so much of potential to experiment when it comes to hair ideas for punks, so take a look at some of these punk short hairstyles. Punk haircuts are distinguished easily through their asymmetrical cuts and anything that is miles away from mainstream haircuts.

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Short Hair Cuts

Most people today want to make a statement with their looks and while some do so with tattoos or piercings, still others opt for stylish yet shocking hairstyles and the latest rage amongst these different kinds of haircuts is getting an emo hairstyle. The term emo, which is an abbreviation for emotional is based on the music of the 1980's known as emcore. Emo music was a cross between punk rock music and melodic tunes that included lyrics with strong emotions. Most emo artists and followers were known for their black colored clothing and chic hairstyles. Emo hairstyles are a huge part of the emo culture, which has developed over the years and is followed by a lot of people today to make a fashion statement. If you have short hair and want to make a statement, then emo hairstyles for short hair are a great choice. Let us find out more about emo hairstyles for girls with short hair.

Emo Hairstyles

The essence of emo hairstyles (also known as scene hairstyles) is to be able to express yourself creatively and to be able to show individuality. Most people mistake it to be a sign of rebellion but it is not so. Emo hairstyles are easily recognizable because of their characteristic long bangs, dark hair with bold highlights, asymmetrical lines and cuts. The usual choice for base color of the hair is almost always black, though at times it could be a dark brown. The color black is supposed to be a representation of their emotional attitude. Though emo hairstyles look great, whether long or short haircuts, most girls prefer short hair for emo haircuts. There are lots of choices for emo hairstyles for girls with short hair.

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Short Hair Style

Although Rapunzel's long tresses captivated her prince charming, today it is difficult to manage tresses like her. Short haircuts gained popularity by the birth of the classic bob in the 20s. It gained glamor when Diana, Princess of Wales, sported short hair or more recently, Victoria Beckham is seen wearing her hair short. Earlier, short hair styles were meant for the confident and busy businesswomen, but today, anyone can wear it for a bold and sporty look. Let us have a look at some trendy short hair styles for women.

Classic Bob
It may be a cliché, but the classic bob is the best short hair style for women. You can opt for an inverted bob with the edges styled to remain closer to the neck. The pob cut, with its asymmetrical twists, is also 'in'. It was first sported by Victoria Beckham and is still one of the most-asked-for haircuts in salons.

It is a hairstyle with hair very short, that lies close to the sides and back of the head, but a bit longer on the top. You can even have variations in this hair style by having fringes or bangs of different lengths. To create a sexier look, straighten the hair on top of your head and let them fall loose over one eye.

Short Shags
If you wish to have a cool and messed up look, a short shag is just for you. It has multiple uneven layers, with edges cut with a razor. It is not a recommended hairstyle for curly hair types as they get frizzy and unmanageable. Women with long hair can also sport a shag hairstyle.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Toddler Knots to Pigtails

This hairstyle did not turn out how I had imagined it.  With toddlers I guess that is normal 
Her hair is so thin that the knots didn't look as good as I had wanted.

I started by pulling the front part of her hair and tied a knot.  Then I made a 2nd knot just behind the first.  Because of how thin her hair is I had to secure the ends of both knots with an elastic.  That is why there is an elastic in the middle of the 2 pigtials.
Once the knots are secured I pulled the remaining hair into side pigtails.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Braids to Ponytail

It is getting really hot around our part of the world.  My older daughter hates to sweat weird I know so we were going to spend the day at the park and here is the up hairstyle we came up with.
I started in the middle of her head and made a triangle part and made a simple braid all the way down to the ends and secured with an elastic. 
Once the center braid is made make 4 more braids 2 on each side of the center braid. 
Below is a picture of the top 3 braids.
Then pull all the hair and braids into a ponytail as shown below.
Then wrap the braids around the ponytail and secure the ends with a bobby pin.
Below is a side view of her hair.

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Best Of The Best Asymmetrical Hairstyles For Women

Best Of The Best Asymmetrical Hairstyles For WomenBest Of The Best Asymmetrical Hairstyles For Women 1

Best Of The Best Asymmetrical Hairstyles For WomenBest Of The Best Asymmetrical Hairstyles For Women 2

Best Of The Best Asymmetrical Hairstyles For WomenBest Of The Best Asymmetrical Hairstyles For Women 3

Best Of The Best Asymmetrical Hairstyles For WomenBest Of The Best Asymmetrical Hairstyles For Women 4

Best Of The Best Asymmetrical Hairstyles For WomenBest Of The Best Asymmetrical Hairstyles For Women 5

Best Of The Best Asymmetrical Hairstyles For WomenBest Of The Best Asymmetrical Hairstyles For Women 6

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Toddler simple twist

We have been on vacation that is the reason for the lack of posts lately. 
My toddler has a sensative head and regularly asks for simple hairstyles with no elastics. 
A simple twist across the front of her head and curled the rest under. 

**NOTE** If any of you have noticed our recent shortness in the bangs this is what happens when a toddler moves while getting her bangs cut.  At least she looks good with what we call the Katy Perry bangs. 

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Question #5

Question #5 is this  "is there anyway i can do that on myself, i tried, its hard"
This hair style is much easier when someone else can do the braid.  However it is possible.  I have to make sure my hair is wet when I start.  Then I take a pillow and lay it on a counter to place my head on.  The hardest part is controlling the hair because it wants to lay over where you are working.  This is the reason for placing my head on the pillow.  You want as much hair out of your way as possible.  I hope this helps you will also want to practice a couple of times.  I think it took me several tries the first time to get it right.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Poof to Ponytail

There are so many times my daughters asks for a quick hairstyle so this took us seconds. 
I made a simple poof keeping her bangs out of her face.  Then pulled the rest of the hair into a ponytail.
I finished it off by wrapping the ponytail with her hair. 

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Jacoby Shaddix Spiky Hairstyles With Razor Texture

Jacoby Shaddix spiky hairstyle
Jacoby Shaddix spiky hairstyle

Jacoby Shaddix is the lead singer and only remaining founding member of the rock band, Papa Roach. He shares the responsibility for writing the band's songs with Tobin Esperance, the band's bass player. Shaddix was born July 28, 1976 in Vacaville, CA. Papa Roach was founded in 1993. Shaddix married his high school sweetheart in 1996. They are still together and have two sons.

Jacoby Shaddix hairstyle
Jacoby Shaddix hairstyle

Jacoby Shaddix hairstyle is cool. He currently wears it relatively long and has it spiked on top, producing a sort of Emo look. Even when his hair was short, though, he preferred the spikes and had them sticking up all over.

Jacoby Shaddix hairstyle
Jacoby Shaddix hairstyle

Trying to style one's hair to match his could prove easier than many imagine. The easiest way to do it would be to dry the hair with the head hanging upside down, then apply a generous amount of gel to hold the spikes in place when straightening back up.

The spikes can still be achieved without hanging upside down if one wishes to take the time and pull each spike up individually and apply gel to hold it their. This method has the advantage of allowing one to choose the thickness and number of spikes one has standing out.

More Jacoby Shaddix hairstyle pictures:

Jacoby Shaddix spiky haircut
Jacoby Shaddix spiky haircut

Jacoby Shaddix hairstyle
Jacoby Shaddix hairstyle

Jacoby Shaddix hairstyle
Jacoby Shaddix hairstyle

Jacoby Shaddix faux hawk hairstyle
Jacoby Shaddix faux hawk hairstyle

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