Saturday, October 31, 2009

Belle Hair

Our Version of Belle's Hair
Start with making a part in the front of her hair to give a center part.
Then pull up the top half of her hair into a ponytail

Next take the ponytail and make an upside down twist

The key is not to pull the hair all the way through the twist.

Take a ribbon and put around the ponytail part of the hair.

Tie the ribbon into a bow

Then make large ringlets out of the hair that is left down.

The picture below is a the side of her hair

Post Title Belle Hair

Jasmine Hair

Our idea for Jasmine's Hair

Make 2 parts one in the center of her head and then take a small sections across the front of her head as shown below I put the pieces I wasn't using right now in elastics so I could control the hair a little better.

Here is a picture of the side of her head so you can see how the hair is parted.

Now put a ribbon behind the hair that was secured by the elastic on the side of her head.

I then back combed the crown of her head

Now take the hair on the sides and I twisted it all the way from the top since she has bands. I did this to keep the bangs in the right place. Twist on both sides then secure them together under about half of her hair.

The picture below shows how to secure the hair on the sides of her hair.

Take the remaining hair and secure in a low ponytail at the bottom of her head.

I then wrapped the ribbon around the ponytail. Then take another elastic and put it halfway down the remaining hair. I then took the ribbon and wrapped it around the last elastic.

Post Title Jasmine Hair

Cinderella Hair

Pull all of her hair into a ponytail

Take the hair and make loops we did 3 different ones around the ponytail. I secured these in place with bobby pins

The goal is to make a loose bun

I used bobby pins to put the circles in place then we added a headband to top off the Cinderella Look.

Post Title Cinderella Hair

Tinker Bell Hair

The 1st couple of steps are the exact same as Cinderella, however I did include them as well.
Pull the hair into a ponytail.

pull the hair and secure with bobby pins to make a loose bun. My daughters hair is longer so we rolled it into each other to make a smaller bun.

I made 3 different rolls to make the bun.

Once the bun is in place I took a small elastic and make a muffin top with her hair to give her the Tinker bell bun look.

This is the side picture below. Note: use bobby pins to place the hair where you want it.

Post Title Tinker Bell Hair

Mulan Hair

The human version of Mulan's Hair
Pull the hair into a ponytail.

Make the hair into a bun.

Once the hair is in the bun pull on the tightened hair that goes into the bun. We just softly loosened the hair to give it the look as it was really loose and almost falling out.

Then add a ribbon wrap it around the bun.

We then added a large flower to the front of the ribbon.

Post Title Mulan Hair

Hugh Jackman Hairstyles

Hugh Jackman layered hairstyle

Hugh Jackman hairstyle with side swept bangs

Post Title Hugh Jackman Hairstyles

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fun Updo!

Start by making a very far left part on the top of her hair pull the hair down to her ear. Then twist the hair

Once the hair is twisted secure it with an elastic into a small pony tail at the bottom of her hair.
(I always do a diagonal part on the bottom of her hair also you will have 2 of these small ponytails at the bottom of her hair when finished.)
Do this step on both sides of her head one will be bigger with a far side part and the other will be done with a small amount on the other side.

Then take the remaining hair and pull it into a ponytail.

After the hair is in a ponytail then very last don't pull the hair all the way through and leave the ends still in the ponytail.

Post Title Fun Updo!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Toddler Pull Thru Headband

Because of how thin and fine her hair is I only did 4 pull thrus across the front of her head.
Below shows one of these

Continue across the front of her hair line to make a headband.

Below is a picture of the top of her head. This is simple quick and looks very cute.

Post Title Toddler Pull Thru Headband

Celebrity Hairstyles Blog| Hair Styles Galleries: New celebrity hairstyles

Celebrity Hairstyles Blog Hair Styles Galleries: New celebrity hairstyles

Post Title Celebrity Hairstyles Blog| Hair Styles Galleries: New celebrity hairstyles

New celebrity hairstyles

Celebrity women are always giving us great examples of different hairstyles. There have been some recent trends in hairstyles that are worth noting.

1. Katie Holmes is wearing a medium length layered hairstyle that features side swept bangs. She has been seen wearing it with retro curls.

2. Jenna Elfman has been going shorter and shorter with her style. She now has a short/almost medium length bob hairstyle that features side swept bangs and a deep side part.

3. Rihanna is wearing a short hairstyle with lots of heavy layering in the crown are. Different colors of highlights/lowlights are mixed in throughout the bang area.

Check out all the new looks at

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nikki Sixx's Hairstyles

We love him for his songs. We love him for his style too. We looked up to him during the ‘hair metal’ movement. Eclectic, a blend of glamour and punk rock, all the adjectives hold true to describe Nikki’s style. No matter with which bands he connects himself, be it Mötley Crüe or Sixx: A.M., Nikki Sixx is undoubtedly a fashion icon. From the crew cut in his early days to the mop-top hairdo at his youth to the recent punk, frizzy hair style, this man has been through it all, and with great elegant. The shoulder length hair with layers on the top to create volume gives an edgy look to the haircut.

Post Title Nikki Sixx's Hairstyles

Chris Evans Hairstyles

Chris Evans
Chris Evans Short Mens Hairstyles

The teenage heartthrob Chris Evans is a diamond in making. Chris Evans has all the qualities of inherent Italian good looks and the famous Irish demeanour. This guy has risen from being an ordinary school boy performing in school dramas to a movie star of mammoth proportions. Even with tough competition from the other male celebrities, Chris Evans has managed to build a strong fan club for himself. Chris Evans is all about raw talent, immense energy, debonair looks and fantastic fashion sense.

Chris Evans was born in Massachusetts, USA on 13th of January, 1981. After graduating from Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, Chris followed his destiny all the way to Hollywood, where he became noticed for his small but distinct performance in television series like Boston Public and The Fugitive. With his suave good looks and individualistic personality, Chris Evans got his first break in the movie titled Not Another Teen Movie. Success soon followed and Chris landed with several lead roles in movies such as The Perfect Score and Cellular. He was “Male Superstar of Tomorrow” at the 2005 Young Hollywood Awards.

Post Title Chris Evans Hairstyles

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Axl Rose Rock Star Hairstyles

Axl Rose, the lead vocalist of rock band Guns N' Roses, with his rocker hairstyl.

Axl long hairstyle

Rose layered hairstyle

Rose teased hairstyle

Post Title Axl Rose Rock Star Hairstyles