Wednesday, December 29, 2010

hair color trends 2011

Hair is a woman's crown, with the condition of thick, healthy shine a yearning. now with the present blend 3 colors of land, which became the hair color fashion trend 2011, you will be more confident, because the land of dark hair, thicker hair effects, and not look dull. purplefish black and red mixture, which symbolizes the color of the year full of passion, ambition, and spontaneity. three dimensional effects with color, creating a unique blend in each helainya.

Hair dyes can be modified by chemical processes. Hair coloring is classified as "permanent" or "semi-permanent".

permanent color, as its name implies, permanent hair color - but because the hair continues to grow, the color will eventually grow as new, uncolored hair grows in.

permanent hair color to give the most flexibility because it can make hair lighter or darker and change the tone and color, but there is a negative. Constant maintenance (six-monthly or weekly) is essential to match the new hair that grows into the rest of the hair, and the drug fade. A permanent one-color dye to create color, flat uniform throughout the head, which can look unnatural and harsh, especially in dark colors. To overcome this, the modern trend is to use several colors - usually a single color as a base to add highlights or lowlights in other shades.

semi-permanent color washes out over a period of time - usually four to six weeks, so the root regrowth is less noticeable. Color end of each strand is affected by its original color and porosity, then there will be subtle variations in color on the head - more natural and less harsh than a permanent dye. However, this means that the hair is gray and white will not dye the same color as the rest of the head (in fact, some white hair will not absorb the color at all). A gray hair and a little white will blend in enough not to look, but because they become more widespread, there will come a point where a semi-permanent will not be enough. Move to 100% permanent color can be delayed by using semi-permanent as the basic colors, while still highlighting.

semi-permanent hair color can not lighten hair. Hair can only be alleviated using chemical lighteners, such as bleach. Bleaching is always permanent because it eliminates the natural pigment.

"Flushing" is a form of temporary hair color, usually applied to the hair during the shampoo and wash hair washed again next time.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cool Women Hairstyle Picture

Cool Women Hairstyle Picture

Cool Women Hairstyle Picture

Cool Women Hairstyle Picture

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Fish Tail Bangs Back

Quick simple and really easy.  This is a simple fishtail braiding the bangs back as shown below.

                                 I just continued to fish tail braid all the way down.

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Popular Tattoos Iin 2011 With Phoenix Tattoos Styles

Big Phoenix Tattoos
Shoulder Phoenix Tattoos
Phoenix Tattoos
Side Body Female Phoenix Tattoos
Back Body Phoenix Tattoos
Popular Tattoos Iin 2011 With Phoenix Tattoos Styles

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Monday, December 27, 2010

wedding elegent updo hairstyles

Wedding updo hairstyles Several teenage girl will get themselves accompanied by a damage when required and nominated for that homecoming courtroom. Next to make sure you prom, this is about the most splendid occasions at a teen female's life. Much thinking about should enter in the thoughts in relation to homecoming hair styles. After all of the, all eyes shall be on you for everyone few occasions, or as you may grow olders you have the imagery as increased reminders connected with years earlier.

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

long updo hairstyles

If you have long hair so you must have cut your hair in parler in long updo hairstyles. in above images you will find the types of up do hairstyles for your long hair within these images hopefully you like it.

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popular updo hairstyles

These are the some popular up do hairstyles with some popular celebrities which is fan follows them in day to day life.

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new updo hairstyles

anjelina jolie very cute new black up do hairstyle
Heidi Montag brown new Up do hairstyle
Kristen Stewart new up do hairstyles in premier of twilight saga new moon movie.
colorful new up do hairstyles

if you have want long updo hairstyles there is new types of up do hairstyles look at these images and you will get idea about new up do hairstyles.
Any idea you get it? don't worry i'll help you follow this simple instruction in billow
First things is, shampooing long hair is best done standing up, preferably in the shower. This helps reduce matting and tangling. You should choose a shampoo that fits your hair's needs. For instance, chemically treated or damaged hair should be treated with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.
Second one is combing and brushing long hair can be difficult if you do not use the proper tools and technique. To make combing wet hair easier, start with a leave-in conditioner. Using a large tooth bone comb, start at the ends and work up a little, about an inch at a time, getting the tangles out.

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prom updo hairstyle

First you need medium to long length hair. You will also need some ponytail holders, gel, and long pins. The trick to getting your updo to look its best is to use several of these pins in different directions to hold your hair in place. Don't rely on too much hair gel as this just makes your hair stiff. You want your hair to be able to withstand the humidity, but also to be touchable by your date.

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