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2006 Hairstyles

by Burt Cotton

Most current fashion comes directly from the runway to the streets, and the 2006 hairstyles are no exception. When spectators watch the models, they are not only looking at the clothes they are wearing, but also their hairstyles, which is also an important component of their entire look. Judging from today's models, 2006 hairstyles emphasize casual elegance with some sassy touches here and there.

Most of these looks involve hair that is pulled up with smooth sides or messy tendrils. Loose waves and curls seem to be making a comeback in 2006 hairstyles, not that the super-straight sedu look is out of fashion yet. Still, if you want to stand out from the crowd with the most trendy 2006 hairstyles, it might pay to put just a bit of wave into your medium or long locks.
The casual elegance of the 2006 hairstyles can be sleek or sassy. One popular look for this year is the messy bun, which can be created several ways.

* Shampoo and condition hair, preferably the day before an occasion, since freshly shampooed ponies are more difficult to deal with.
* Add leave-in conditioner or mousse to your hair
* Blow dry your hair with a large, round brush
* Gather your hair into a neat pony tail, smoothing in the sides. Fasten with an elastic that is the same shade as your hair.
* Divide your pony into three sections and, with a large or small barreled curling iron (depending on how curly your want your messy bun to be) curl the sections and pin them curls until they dry.
* Brush out the curls and pin portions of the messy bun to your head until you achieve the desired style. Leave one curl pinned to cover the base of the ponytail.
* Tease out hair from the side if you want tendrils. Curls these, if desired.

For a straight messy bun, use a flat iron rather than a curling iron.

The elegant pony, always in fashion, has been enjoying the spotlight in fashion shows as an ideal 2006 hairstyle. Elegant ponies are placed lower on the head, close the nape of the neck. Make the side smooth or tease out a few tendrils, if desired. Use a finishing spray for extra shine. You may want to transform your elegant pony into a classy chignon by curling the pony and tucking it into the elastic. Let the chignon hang freely, or pin it to the nape of your neck.

Just when you though it was safe to throw away your curling iron, be prepared for subtle waves and loose curls for long to medium 2006 hairstyles. You can create more body in your hair by using a body building shampoo and conditioner. Large curls can be created by putting in large curlers (hot curlers or the foam curlers for wet hair) or using a large-barreled curling iron. When you dry your hair, use a large, round brush to coax your hair into large curls or waves.

Ironically, your flat iron can be used to create subtle waves and curls if you wrap sections of hair around it. Don't go overboard, though. Straight hair is still the "in" style, and loose curls and waves are a highlight, rather than the main focus, of 2006 hairstyles.

Burt Cotton

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Popular Celebrity Sedu Hair Styles

By Oliver Turner

From celebrities like Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, and Angelina Jolie, these celebrity sedu hair styles have become more popular than ever. Proving to be this summer’s big fashion trend these sedu hairstyles are the must have for ever fashion conscious person.

You’ve seen then on the catwalks, you probably even seen pictures of sedu hairstyles in magazines but how do you get to have these fantastic looks?

Celebrity sedu hair styles are something that all fashion conscious women are looking to create and the good news is that now you can. With the introduction of the new sedu hair straightening iron you too can create celebrity sedu hairstyles and without the need for a highly trained hair stylist.

It really is simple and easy to do and once you have your sedu hair straightener you are well on your way. Paris Hilton sedu hairstyles, Britney Spears sedu hairstyles can all be yours in just a few simple steps. If you’re fashion conscious and want to look like the stars then you will need to know how the stars are getting their fabulous sedu hairstyles.

The most popular celebrity sedu hair styles to date have been Jennifer Aniston sedu hair styles and Jennifer Lopez sedu hairstyles but now nearly all the celebrities are following in their footsteps and sporting sedu hairstyles. If you want to join the celebrities and create your very own sedu hairstyles then you will need to purchase a sedu hair straightener.

With this revolutionary new straightening iron you will be able to create celebrity sedu hair styles of your very own and from the comfort of your own home. From the popular flick sedu hairstyles to the chic and messy sedu hairstyles you will be able to recreate them all in your own hair.
Join ranks with the celebrities now and start creating your own sedu hairstyles with the sedu hair straightening iron. Who knows you could be the next celebrity.

All about hair styles from the best hair stylists. Check it out - Celebrity Sedu Hair Styles Guide.

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Johnny Depp Hair Styles

Johny Depp is Best Hair Style of the Week

Johnny Depp has a very unusual hair style in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. But that is not the winning hair style we are talking about. His 'off-screen' hair style is a long, layered hair style that lays just right and has a shine to it.

To create this long, layered men's hair style, apply a curl-enhancing cream or gel throughout the hair. Blow dry the hair using a diffuser and your fingers to style. Johnny Depp appears to have a natural wave in this hair. If you do not have natural wave, you may need to hot appliances to create the wave.

If you hair is not as long as Johnny Depp's, you can always get hair extensions! Hair extensions involve attaching human or synthetic hair to your natural hair for a free-flowing look that can last anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months depending on the type of extensions you get. More and more men are getting hair extensions today.

Until next week, Have a great hair week!

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Secrets to Gorgeous Sedu Prom Hairstyles RevealedBy

Mary Anne Lionel

Prom occasions are always the topic of the season. We usually have at least one prom occasion, party, or night out to look forward to every month. Life would be dull and joyless without weddings, birthdays, formal occasions, and friends’ parties that take our thoughts away from everyday routine and create good mood for the rest of the month.

But these events may be a source of our stress as well, when choosing the right dress or hairstyle to wear in order to look special and unique.

So, if you want to look pretty on your friend’s party or simply irresistible at your prom, there is a quick, effective and unique solution called Sedu prom hairstyles. With a great variety of sedu prom hairstyles you can be natural, chic, formal, or have a vintage style, and have a new perfect look everyday!

Natural Sedu Hair Style

If you have a lack of time, or prefer to be natural at any occasion, then this style is a perfect match for you. It involves simple dress of some fall-down fabric like chiffon, silk, or satin. The dress may also be made of the combination of these fabrics. Perfect type of dress is full length with low neck and sleeveless. Such dresses are always elegant and need no further improvements by adding accessories.

If you choose to add accessories, avoid anything heavier, than light gold or silver chain with small and neat pendant, or you risk to spoil you natural Sedu look. The make-up is as close to the natural make-up-free appearance as possible.

Natural Sedu hair style is simple. The hair is either left lose and straight, with some curls at the bottom, or twisted into lose bun to express the naturalness of the image. Sometimes when hair is left lose it is better to pin up the framing tresses to show the face.

To create this Sedu hair style follow these steps:

1. Wash and condition the hair;
2. Let it air dry, if you have time, or make a quick blow dry with the cool shot;
3. Apply some styling mousse and make cool blow dry for 3-5 min;
4. Use straightener to ensure that you have absolutely Sedu straight hair;
5. Make curls in, or out at the bottom of the hair, or pin the hair in the bun leaving framing tresses lose to add naturalness.

Now you have absolutely natural Sedu style with fall-down full-length dress, and hair style that expresses the beauty of your natural image.

These are two main reasons why natural Sedu hairstyles are also popular among celebrities:

1. It is hard to impress someone with sophisticated hair style or dress, but natural image is bound to attract attention;
2. Great tension of the moment, when all cameras clicking, and people shouting, leaves no space to the head ache, which is usual for many women when they have a lot of pins in the hair that secure the hairdo.
The most popular celebrities that prefer to have natural Sedu prom hair style are Jennifer Aniston, Lindsay Lohan, Hillary Duff, and Angelina Jolie. They are well known for their simple, but elegant and smart styles that express their beauty.

Chic Sedu Hair Style

Such style is suitable for people who are not afraid to experiment. It usually involves some sophisticated hairdo, great and expressive dress with low neck, and expensive jewellery. It is easy to spot chic lovers among celebrities. Famous Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, and Charlize Theron are known for their fashionable Chic Sedu hair styles.

Things you need to do to have Chic Sedu style are following:

• Pick up a dress that is made of luxurious fabric with stiff corsage, low neck, and fall-down skirt of any length. It is important that the dress should be of bright color, no pastel shades are suitable for chic style.
• Choose impressive accessories like big necklace and earrings. It would look good with low neck and updo.
• Take high-heeled shoes of suitable color to match the dress and accessories. If you have sleeveless dress you may also wear gloves, they will add to your chic image.
• Make-up should be bright, but suitable. Its role is to underline your image, and not to ruin it. Everything should be matching, and not necessary the colors of the season, because everything that matches your image is fashionable in Chic Sedu style.
• Create a complicated hairdo. It is usually the hardest thing from the list. But you won’t have any trouble if you follow the steps below.

To create a Chic Sedu hair style, follow these steps:

1. Wash your hair and condition it;
2. Make quick towel drying and apply some styling mousse;
3. Blow dry the hair until it is completely dry;
4. Straighten the hair to tame and make it smooth;
5. Divide off front hair;
6. Create a twist of the bottom hair;
7. Make side parting for the front hair and turn both parts around the bottom twist;
8. To add extravagancy leave framing tresses, and curl them slightly;
9. Add hair accessories, which may be jeweled pins or flowers of the season, or some slides with decorative ornaments.

Now your Chic Sedu hair style is ready, and you have a look of “world-is-at-my-feet: woman.
Formal Sedu Hair Style
Formal Sedu hair style is appropriate for special occasions like your in-laws parties, your friend’s wedding, or corporate parties. It needs some formal dress of pastel, or contrast colors, that is white, black, or their combination, low-heeled shoes, strict hair style and formal pastel make-up.
Though it is rather old-fashioned, formal style is usually the best choice for any occasion, except for the friends’ disco parties or graduation ball. You have all comfort possible with simple and plain dress with knee-high straight skirt, and create impression of a serious and reliable person.
Pastel make-up adds naturalness to the image, while low-heeled shoes give you the ability to feel your legs after long hours spent on feet.
Sedu hair styles that go with this image should be simple, yet elegant, expressing your personality and beauty in every situation. The most popular hair styles are tight bun and low ponytail.

To create a Formal Sedu hair style follow these steps:

1. Wash and condition your hair;
2. Let it air dry, or make a cool blow dry;
3. Apply some styling mousse, and blow dry the hair for 3-5 min with the cool set;
4. Make low-pony tail with some elastic band, twist the tail around the band and secure it with pins. Use no hair accessories, if you want to look absolutely formal, or add some jeweled pins for happy and friendly occasions, like weddings;
5. You may leave the pony tail lose, only hide elastic band under some neat hair accessory.
After you’ve finished all steps, you receive formal Sedu hair style, which creates an impression of the beautiful, yet serious woman, who makes everything perfect in her life.

Vintage Sedu Hair Style

Vintage Sedu hair style is one of the latest innovations in the world of fashion. It is usually suitable for any celebrations and evening parties. The word “vintage” is French and its direct meaning is “twenty years”, but today vintage means some old fashion, brought up and renewed. For instance, Reese Witherspoon’s style at Oscar’s night this year is vintage. Her dress was of Victorian England style, and with matching hairstyle and pastel make-up it looked absolutely unique and adorable.

To create a Vintage sedu hair style you will need:

• To pick up a dress model that was popular not less than 20 years ago;
• Renew this model to suit modern fashion tendencies in fabric and accessories;
• Create pastel make-up with colors that match the dress;
• Choose accessories and jewellery that add charm to the image. You may want to have a handbag and shoes of the style popular in the same time period as your dress;
To create a Vintage sedu hair style, follow these steps:
1. Wash and condition you hair;
2. Make it air or blow dry;
3. Apply some styling mousse, and blow dry the hair for 3-5 min to remove any signs of uncontrollable hair;
4. Create any vintage Sedu hair style that will match your dress.
Vintage Sedu style is very beautiful and remarkable for any occasion
s, especially prom. It creates a mysterious air around you, adds to your personality special charm and loveliness. It is very easy to create, and it really distinguishes you.

Note that Sedu prom hair styles are not bound to those described above. I’ve tried to collect and present the most popular ones that gain our affection and trust by their beauty and Sedu nature. Sedu prom hair styles are numerous and various, though all have common aim: to express the Sedu nature of the women and present them as one-of-a-kind personalities.
Mary Anne Lionel is the hair care consultant of who helps people with hair problems to discover new ways of revealing their hair health.

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Celebrities hairstyles Pictures for women (XIII)

Naomi Campell

Naomi Campbell was "discovered" in a London shopping mall at age 15 and become one of the A-list models of the 1990s. After making her first cover appearance on the British edition of Elle, she went on to pose for Vogue, Sports Illustrated, GQ and many other magazines.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is not only legendary for her stunning looks, but also for the very lengthy list of men that she’s dated. However, unfortunately for the model, no relationship of hers seems to last for more than a year.

Her long list include, among many others, Robert de Niro, Tommy Lee, Flavio Briatore, Kevin Costner, Lenny Kravitz, Eddie Murphy, Sean Penn, Quincy Jones, Sylvester Stallone, Mike Tyson, dancer Joaquín Cortés, Joe Pesci, Robbie Williams, Joseph Fiennes, Sean Combs, David Blaine.

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Jennifer Aniston Sedu Hairstyles

Author: Barry Hynes

When Jennifer rose to stardom about ten years ago on the smash hit TV show Friends, her renowned layered hairstyle with turned up ends went along for the fast success ride with her. Not a person to relax on her quick rise to success, She had her fanatics constantly wondering each time with a succession of developing hairstyles, from quite short, to this periods extra long, and extremely strait. Is this simple? Not really, was the view expressed by a top leading hairstylist, from sunny California. "A lot of my customer as hairstyles have wave in them," he says, "and a small bit of frizz. Very little have their hair lying as straight and as smooth as Jen's natural hair."

Jennifers Hairstyles Tips - Start off by conditioning your hair with a conditioning shampoo. Dry it well with a towel flat and put in a keep in hair conditioner. This will assist in straightening your hair and make it extremely soft and flexible. Carry on with a blend of identical amounts of shaping gel and calming serum, and run it gently through your hair. Dry your hair with a hairdryer using a big round hair-brush, being certain that you direct the tip of the dryer down parallel to your hair. Doing the opposite will only cause the hair cuticle to become rough, creating unnecessary frizz. As soon as your hair is dry and as flat as possible, break out the sedu flat iron. And follow the sedu flat iron instructions.

Jennifer Joanne Aniston was born in Sherman Oaks, California, America on the 11th of February 1969, possibly most recognized for her role as Rachel Green on the hit TV show Friends, and of course her extremely exposed marriage to actor Brad Pitt. She is the daughter of well known actor John Aniston and his wife then Nancy Dow. Aniston's god father is actor Telly Savalas, a very good friend her father.

Jennifer experienced most of her childhood in New York City, where her Dad won a role in the sitcom Love of Life and afterwards Search for Tomorrow.

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sedu Hair Styles -- Are they for real?

by Perriann Rodriguez

As the editor for Hair Resources, I visit many beauty and hair related websites. Over the last year I have noticed a growing popularity of the search term Sedu Hair Styles and even more popularity of the Sedu Flat Irons. So, I had to check out this growing trend to see what Sedu Hair Styles are all about.

The original mission statement of the company Sedu Beauty, established in 1991, is to transform every Nonhairless female species on the planet into a Seductive beauty, Sedu for short. It turns out that they also have many male admirers. The flat irons by Sedu are rated the best by consumers and are mentioned as being preferred by top hair stylists around the world. Okay, this has definitely got my attention now.

I went to the company website, over at and saw many pictures of before and after using the Sedu Flat Iron. The after pictures all showed silky smooth and noticeably shiny straight hair, as opposed to the before pictures that showed very curly, frizzy or downright unmanageable looking hair. I do have to admit that I was a little skeptical after seeing the photos. I kept looking on the website for the little disclaimer that says 'Results not typical....etc.' that you always find in weight loss advertisements. But no such disclaimer can be found. For review purposes, I ordered a 1-1/2 inch Sedu Ionic Flat Iron from one of the authorized sellers listed on the company website.

The package arrived late one afternoon, just before I had to go pick up my daughters from school. I had only about 10 minutes to spare before I had to leave, but I was really anxious to try out this flat iron. Here is an account of what happened next. My hair was freshly washed and dried, so I just put a small amount of Biosilk Silk Therapy that the company recommends you use before flat ironing.

My hair is very thick and about shoulder length. I actually have to clip up most of my hair and start flat ironing from the bottom layer. With my old flat iron, it usually takes a good 15 minutes to iron my hair, with not all that great results. Time Line: 3:10 p.m. I plug in the Sedu Ionic Flat Iron; put it on the hottest temperature 3:10 p.m. and 25 seconds later. The green light is blinking indicating that the iron is ready to use.

I start with the bottom layer, gradually letting more hair down until I have run the flat iron over all my hair. With this iron you only have to pass it one time over your hair. With my old iron I had to run it thru several times to get good results. P.S. You definitely don't want to touch your hair after running the flat iron over it. It is VERY HOT. 3:18 p.m. I'm done!!!! My hair looks absolutely awesome. It is smooth and silky, just like in the pictures. And, it actually stayed that way for almost two whole days before I washed it again. Several people asked me the first day and the next day if I got my hair cut or just went to the salon. Important factors to consider when flat ironing your hair on a regular or daily basis is the wear and tear it will produce on your hair, perhaps causing split ends or even damaging your hair.

If you visit many hair related forums, damaged hair from flat ironing is a frequent topic. Dennis Huang, the brand manager for the Sedu line, says that the Sedu Flat irons are made from Tourmaline, a precious stone. This stone was used because it generates up to 6 times more negative ions upon heating than traditional ceramic irons. The extra negative ions along with gentle far-infrared heat guarantee soft, smooth, frizz-free silky straight hair without heat damage. Also, Sedu's patented ultra-smooth plates guarantee smooth straightening motion without pulling, snagging or breaking the hair. Huang mentions that many flat irons on the market have very rough surfaces on the plates. He adds, "Most irons cause hair damage because essentially you are straightening your hair with a heated sand paper." Many hair stylists recommend using some sort of silicone based product on the hair before flat ironing in order to protect the hair.

Sedu Beauty recommends Biosilk Silk Therapy and Sedu Heat Protectant. They also recommend using lower heat settings for different types of hair. If you have bleached, fragile, damaged or fine hair--use the lower temperature setting. If you have normal hair and use the iron regularly, use the middle range of temperatures and if you have coarse, thick, ethnic or resistant hair that is in a healthy condition you can use the maximum heat for best results. In short, my conclusion, 8 minutes and a Sedu Ionic Flat Iron has made a huge difference in the way my hair looks and feels. It is THUMBS UP for Sedu Flat Irons from Hair Resources.

Now all I need is a weight loss product that works in 8 minutes Perriann Rodriguez is the founder of Hair Resources, and online resources for trendy hair styles, hair extensions information, E-books, global beauty salons and more. Visit Hair Resources for better hair days!

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Pictures Of Celebrities With Hair Extensions Hairstyles

Ashley Simpson completely changed her look by adding long glossy and thick hair extensions and walking out with a hairstyle that looks like it took years to grow and style.

From punky chick to wholesome starlet all overnight. A hairstyle like this can change your whole persona and with hair extensions these days coming down in price, such hairstyles are no longer only available to the stars and celebrities of Hollywood.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Sedu Hairstyles For Different Occassions

by Kari Eriksson

When you see someone, famous with a sedu hairstyle you may think that you would look good with that kind of hair. You will want to think about one thing about the famous persons sedu hairstyle and that is that they have professionals doing their hair all the time for the movies and pictures so that it looks great all the time.

When you are looking into getting a sedu hairstyle you will want to see some of the pictures that are out there to show you how a sedu hairstyle looks. You will want to think about what you will be doing when you have a sedu hairstyle so that you are going to receive the one that is going to be perfect for your occasion.

If you are going to go to a prom you may really want to think about how you will style your sdue hairstyle so that it will last all night long. Then you will know that you are not going to need to mess with your sedu hairstyle when you are supposed to be out enjoying your self at prom.
This would be the same aspect if you are going to be in a wedding you will want to make sure that you will have the perfect sedu hairstyle that will last for the entire day. Plus you will want to make sure that it is going to match up with any kind of a hairpiece that you are going to be wearing for the special occasion that you are going to.

One thing that you may be thinking of is if you are going to be able to do your sedu hairstyle yourself or if you are going to need the assistance of a beautician for the style that you want. If you are getting ready for a prom or a wedding you may want to think about going to a beautician so that you are not going to run into any problems when you are doing your hair your self. That seems to always happen when you are trying to do your own hair for a big day, that is why it is good to go to a beautician for the assistance with your hair.

If you are just going to have a sedu hairstyle for an everyday even you will want to think about just straightening your hair yourself at home so that you are not wasting your money when you have someone else do your hair for you. Really it is not all the hard to give your self a sedu hairstyle you are going to just need to make sure that you have a little patients and take your time to do it. That is one way that you are going to be able to save some money in the long run.

Kari Eriksson is an infopreneur and has become somewhat of an expert on Sedu hair styles. He runs several sites with articles, links and useful resources including

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Jennifer Aniston is Best Hair Styles of the Week

Photorazzi/Janet Mayer

Jennifer Aniston Long, Wavy Signature Hair Styles

When you look at the tabloids and virtually any celebrity photo of Jennifer Aniston ever published, you will quickly discover that she is a big fan of wearing her hair down, long. Actually, I can't remember every seeing her with her hair pulled up, even at her wedding to Brad Pitt.

She refuses to follow the crowd and wear the sophisticated updos at all the red carpet events. I can certainly relate to her. I have never liked the way I look with my hair in an updo. I feel very uncomfortable and ackward.

To create Jennifer's winning signature style, apply a styling cream throughout your hair. Blow dry your hair using a large round brush, pulling all long layers under and down. Next you can create the waves all over using a medium barrel curling iron. Always be sure to let the hair cool completely before arranging the curls. Finish off with a shine serum or spray.

Until the next time! Have a great hair week!

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Celebrities hairstyles Pictures for women (XII)

Linda Evangelista

FAR from taking time out for her pregnancy, Linda Evangelista is busier than ever. The Canadian supermodel, in London last week for the Serpentine party, will now star on the cover of the August issue of US Vogue. Now 41-years-old and nearly seven months pregnant, Evangelista says modelling was always her first choice of career – and that she isn't planning a comeback after having her baby because she's not going to stop working. "I decided when I was 12 that it's what I wanted to do and I count my blessings that I got to realise my dreams," she says. "Being a rock star was out of the question. I can't sing. I'm so glad this worked out for me, I do think I know how to be a good model. And I didn't have a Plan B in place." (July 20 2006, AM)

Technocrati tags supermodel, rock star, Linda Evangelista

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Keira Knightley Sexy Updo Hair Style

Photorazzi/Chris Hatcher

Keira Knightley Updo Hair Styles

This weeks best hair style of the week is Keira Knightley's sexy updo hair style. Her hair is fairly short, so this great updo was easy to create. If you have longer hair, you may need to pull most of your hair back and twist it into a low chignon. Then you would pin pieces of hair from the front separately into the chignon.

From short to medium length hair styles and even updo and long hair style, Keira Knightley looks great. Her recent movie, Pirates of the Caribbean shows her mostly in a long, wavy hair style.

Until next week, Have a Great Hair Week!

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Hair Myths about Sedu Hair Styles

by Mary Anne Lionel

Everything in the world has its myths, something that is believed to be true while being completely unreal. Hair and hair style are no exclusion. It is a common knowledge that there is something we can't understand about hair growth and nature, and when we can't find the truth, we add fiction. In the world of Sedu hairstyles there are certain myths as well. They concerned with hair in general, hair straightening and styling, straighteners and blow dryers. To the average citizen, a Sedu hairstyle is one great myth itself. These are the most popular hair myths about Sedu hairstyles revealed.

Hair Myth #1:
Sedu Hairstyle is Long Straight and Blond
Well, this hair myth has grown up from the Hollywood stereotypes. And even though we should admit that most celebrities sport blond long hairstyles, real Sedu hairstyle can be of any length and any color. The only truth about this stereotype is straightness. Originally Sedu hairstyle was considered to be straight, but today some bottom curls and flips, as well as sexy waves are acceptable. So, enjoy your hazel, black, red, or chestnut hair color together with short or medium hair length. Every hair style that is straight can be Sedu.

Hair Myth #2:
Sedu Hairstyle Can Only Be Achieved with Sedu Hair Straightener
To answer this question, we should appeal to the origin of the world Sedu. In the beginning, term 'Sedu' was invented by the company Sedu Beauty. It is the contracted form of the word "seductive". This company has brought the questions about Sedu Beauty, Sedu Style and Hairstyle, Sedu Image and so on... to the public. Today, however, this term is sported when speaking about certain types of style and hairstyle without any regard to the means, by which such style or hairstyle is created. That is why, the answer is simple: Sedu Hairstyle can be created with any tools available. Though, the best results are obtained, of course, with the use of the parental accessories, that is - Sedu hair straighteners.
Hair Myth #3:
Constant Application of the Straightening Tools Damages Hair
Hair damage is one of the most serious problems people face when dealing with various hair styles. Constant dyeing, chemical treatment, and other influences on hair lead to hair thinning, loss of elasticity and shine. But there are two ways of hair straightening: chemical and heat application. They differ in results and influence on hair. With modern technologies the heat application becomes more and more safe both for hair and scalp, while chemical treatment remains still chemical. What should be stated clearly is that chemical application is any way damaging, while heat treatment can damage hair only if the flat iron is used wrongly and without precautions. So, don't be afraid to use flat iron on your hair, but read the instruction first.

Hair Myth #4:
Blow Drying Makes Hair Tangled
Sedu hairstyle needs constant blow drying. We always lack time to leave our hair air dry. That is why problems with blow drying are crucial to Sedu hair styling. Blow drying is the process that requires no certain skills. You turn on your dryer, bring it to your hair, and it dries it up. But there are several things that can go wrong during drying:
1. You can bring dryer too close to the hair. The recommended distance is 1 foot.
2. You can use setting, which is too hot. This can over dry your scalp, though serious damage to the hair hasn't been noticed.
3. You can use no conditioner. Conditioner itself is made to ease combing and styling. So, when you don't condition your hair, you consciously decide to struggle with uncontrollable hair. The bottom line is following: check that you are doing everything right, before claiming that some product is harmful.

Hair Myth #5:
Sedu Hair Straightener Makes Your Hair Split False.
Any heat applied to the hair, especially flat irons, smoothes the hair. It helps to glue hair scales of every hair together. Split ends are caused by the over drying, over dyeing, or over processing of the hair. Usually it is impossible to cure split ends, so they should be trimmed. Recommended time period for trimming is six weeks. As you see for yourself, hair myths are only hair myths, and the truth is always more interesting, or complicated. Sedu hairstyles created many gossips and fables because of their fresh look and really seductive nature along with the easiness of creation.

However, many people including celebrities enjoy having Sedu hairstyles without any regard to the mythological background of Sedu hairstyle notion.

Mary Anne Lionel is the hair care consultant. She specializes in Sedu hair straightening and offers free consultations on healthy treatment of damaged hair.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Nelly Furtado curly long hair style is Best Style of Week

Photorazzi/Janet Mayer

Nelly Furtado hair styles

Nelly has not only mastered her vocal chords, but also her hair style. Her long curly hair looks great, very healthy and particularly shiny.

To create this hair style on your own, you will need a long layered hair cut. If you notice in her photo, the long layers start around her ear level and taper down to the ends.

If you do not have naturally curly hair, you may need to get a perm. You can, however, create this style with the use of hot tools available on the market today. For example, the curls can be created by using several different sizes of curling irons. Perhaps a small barrell and a medium barrell. For added styling power, apply a curl-enhancing gel or cream before blow-drying with a diffuser. Just use your fingers to shape and define the curls.

Until next time!

Post Title Nelly Furtado curly long hair style is Best Style of Week

Medium Sedu Hairstyles - What to do with so many great looks

by Cindy Marcus

When it comes to hair length, medium hairstyles are the most dominant as it is a safe area for all types of hair. Longer lengths can be troublesome to take care of and shorter lengths may not fit different facial shapes or looks as well but medium hairstyles seem to be just right for a lot of women. Because it is in between longer and shorter hair lengths, the number of hairstyles increases greatly as many shorter looks or longer hairstyles may work with medium length hair.

There are a lot of advantages besides just an increase in different hairstyles to choose from. Medium length hairstyles are easy to take care of and style than longer hairstyles yet more versatile than shorter hairstyles. Medium hairstyles match most facial shapes well as there is just enough hair complimenting the facial region and enhancing other features. Where as with shorter hair, all facial features or greatly enhanced, sometimes too much.

Most women are comfortable with medium hairstyles as it allows them to go about everyday with a good hairstyle that can be change from short to long with some slight changes. Because there are so many great looking medium hairstyles to choose from, selecting the one to match your occasion or facial feature can be fun. There are many different medium hairstyles that match many different facial shapes and features ranging from everyday wear, to business looks, to very formal, elegant hairstyles.

Trying the different looks out during a day at home is a great way to experiment with some of the great looks. Many teen girls try out different formal looks provided by medium hairstyles months before their prom to test several of the hot looks that would best match their dresses. With so many selections, there is only enough space here to touch up on some of the best medium hairstyles. The medium length updo Because medium length hairstyles are long enough to tie back into updos, there are a number of updo hairstyles available for formal occasions.

Although they are not as fancy as longer length updos, they provide cute, charming looks. They are popular for every event from school dances to the Hollywood 'Red Carpet'. My favorite celebrity updo for medium length hair is Mandy Moore. In many images, her simple updo with parted bangs simply brings out her eyes and cheeks which gives her a very alluring look that many women can accomplish as well. So have a look ladies at this style. Layered Medium Length Hairstyles Medium length hairstyles are great for layering because of their versatility.

Layering medium hair length correctly by framing the facial area often brings out a person's eyes, lips, and other facial features in a non-obtrusive manner. There are so many ways to layer medium length hairstyles because it is long enough to go short in different areas and short enough to keep in others. A variety of layering options is available.

Many celebrities have medium length layered hairstyles including favorites like Heather Locklear and old pop queen Britney Spears. There are too many hairstyles in this category so experimentation is allowed here. The simple flow down hairstyle This medium hairstyle is popular because it is very simple.

Just letting your hair flow down with either bangs down or parted with additional waves, ringlets, or curls at the ends. This looks is very quick to accomplish and looks great for women who take care of their hair. This style is best for on the go girls with little time but desire a pleasing look.

For more tips and advice on medium hairstyles visit Cindy's website, which provides more tips and advice for types of hairstyles for women, men and children.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Heather Locklear is best hair style of the week

Photorazzi/Tom Walck

Best Hair Styles June 19, 2006

The best hair style this week is Heather Locklear. Her signature long layered hair style is always in style and it suits her very well. Long layered bangs also add depth and highlight her facial features.

To get this hair style ask for a long layered hair cut.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Find the Perfect Prom Hairstyle

by Janice Johnson

Getting ready for the prom can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences for any young woman. There are so many tiny details... the dress, the jewelry, the purse, makeup and oh don't forget one of the most important aspects of prom is hair.

Finding the perfect hairstyle is not as difficult as it may seem to some. You just need to consider what it is you want and what suits you best. Before you embark on a new prom hairstyle, you should consider these things: Your Hair Texture and Hair Length - You must consider the texture and thickness of your hair. If you have long hair it's much easier to put in an updo hairstyle than short coarse hair.

Although short coarse hair can be made into an updo style with tight twists that cascade upwards on the head then with the addition of some extensions or a hair piece for added length, can make for the perfect updo hairstye.

Now that extensions are so popular, anything goes. Consider Jessica Simpson and her $20,000 hair extensions. Although you don't have to spend that much for a similar look as Jessica, it is very feasible to do on a limited budget. Your Face Shape - Collect lots of formal hair style pictures. It's especially good to find pictures of celebrities with the same face shape as you. What looks good on them may easily look just as good on you. While making your collection of prom hair style pictures, you want to be sure to consider the shape of your face as well as the length of your hair. But don't do all of this along.

A professional hairstylist can help you choose the right style. Show your stylist at least 3 pictures of what you like and they will most likely be able to make it a style suited just for you. But don't forget to also consider the style of dress you will be wearing to prom. The style of your dress and your hairstyle can make a huge impact in your overall look.

Janice Johnson is the founder of a website that offers tips, advice and information for those with curly hair. If you want to find more pictures of prom hairstyles suited for your special day, visit Curly Hair for a selection of prom photos, tips and advice.

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Sedu Hairstyles - Why the Sedu hair straightener is the latest "must have" beauty accessory!

by Caroline Smith

Sedu hairstyles are the latest trend among women wanting to emulate the straight hairstyles of their favorite celebrities and the Sedu hair iron is their weapon of choice in the battle to combat curly, wavy or just plain rebellious hair. This revolutionary hair straightener is all the rage among top hair stylists, and its unique design makes it the perfect tool for straightening all types of hair. The surge of interest in this flat iron has been fueled by the current popularity of Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston hairstyles, as well as the straight hair styles sported by the likes of Hilary Duff and Jessica Simpson.

The Sedu hair straightener is designed to be easy and pleasant to use, with no pulling or snagging. It uses special ceramic tourmaline plates that generate a high level of negative ions. Not only does the Sedu hair iron halve the time it takes to straighten hair, compared to regular straighteners, but it's claimed it leaves hair up to three times as smooth and silky too. So you can achieve a stunning new look and save time! Sedu hairstyles can be created on any length of hair, including short haircuts. This flat iron has different temperature settings ranging from 120C - 200C, depending on your hair type. A high heat helps straighten thick or coarse hair faster, whereas a lower setting is ideal for fine or dry hair types.

Loads of sleek and stylish Sedu hairstyles can be created, and it's lots of fun to try out different looks, such as flipping the ends out for a smart and sexy appearance, or turning them under to frame your face, for an elegant look. The Sedu hair straightener is designed to be convenient and simple to use on a daily basis, and gives women the power to transform their appearance in a matter of minutes. There are loads of pictures of Sedu hairstyles and tips on how to give yourself a new image, in magazines and on the internet, so you can achieve that perfect style without the need to visit an expensive stylist!

Caroline Smith is a successful author and regular contributor to - an online resource all about Sedu hairstyles, including celebrity Sedu hairstyles and tips on using Sedu hair straighteners.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Celebrities hairstyles Pictures for women (XI)

Name: Claire Danes
Date of birth: 12 April 1979
Location:New York, New York, USA

Danes rose to popularity in the mid-1990s for her Emmy nominated performance in the ABC series My So-Called Life, which was a hit with critics but was canceled after just one season. She parlayed her small screen popularity into a big screen career. Her film credits include How to Make an American Quilt, Little Women, Home for the Holidays, To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday, Romeo + Juliet, U Turn, The Rainmaker, Les Miserables, The Mod Squad, Brokedown Palace, Igby Goes Down, The Hours, It's All About Love, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Stage Beauty. Her next film Shopgirl will be released in the U.S. on October 21.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Create Perfect Sedu Hairstyles Today


Sedu flat irons are made with a uniquely patented design and make up. Sedu Hairstyles created with the Sedu flat irons benefit greatly from this technology by holding up better and lasting longer than anything else created by using any other flat iron available today. The Sedu flat irons are made from a patented technology that combines many different things that make the Sedu flat irons ideally suited for use in the salon industry, and now for any individual user who would like to have their own Sedu Hairstyles.

The Sedu flat irons are made from patented tourmaline ceramic plates. The tourmaline is actually a crystal that has very unique properties that work very well for Sedu flat irons as well as for hair use in general. The tourmaline crystals in the Sedu irons have both piezoelectric as well as pyroelectric properties. This means that they are very good conductors. The Sedu flat irons use negative ionic charges and infrared heating techniques that virtually mold your hair into whatever shape you put your new Sedu Hairstyles into.

The ceramic plates of the Sedu flat irons actually round just slightly with the application of the negative ionic charges. The shape of the crystals inherent in the tourmaline ceramic plates are actually triangular, but when it is plugged in, the sharp edges of these crystals actually round off some. This allows the flat irons to be pulled gently through the hair without any of the painful tugging or snagging usually associated with other brands of flat irons. The infrared heating technology in the Sedu irons will give superior heating without “burning” the hair, allowing it to be used more often than most other flat irons.

Your new Sedu Hairstyles will last longer and end the day better looking than any other hairstyles thanks to the patented technology in the Sedu flat irons. While most Sedu Hairstyles involve straightening the hair with the Sedu flat irons, some of them use the Sedu irons to create waves in the Sedu Hairstyles, or to create small curls in the hair to highlight the face or to accentuate the length of the hair. The Sedu flat irons’ unique ability to mold and shape the hair make many more Sedu Hairstyles not only possible, but much easier to accomplish with the Sedu irons. With the Sedu flat irons patented technology and innovative designs, new interest in springing up all the time about Sedu Hairstyles made with the Sedu flat irons. Many Sedu forums are springing up where concepts and ideas are shared about Sedu Hairstyles created with the Sedu flat irons. Any search on the net will return multiple listings for Celebrity Sedu Hairstyles, the Sedu flat irons and many other Sedu Hair style concepts.

The next big Hollywood Celebrity Sedu Hairstyle may very well come from one of the many readers who contribute their own personal Sedu Hairstyles made with the Sedu flat irons from a forum such as that. Whether you are trying to create your own perfect Sedu Hairstyles or want to venture out and help others to learn to use the Sedu flat irons for their own Sedu Hairstyles, these flat irons are well worth the effort. For more information about how to create your very own Sedu Hairstyle, please go to Sedu Hairstyles Talia Phillips is a Professional Writer & Researcher.

For more information and to view her written work, please visit the websites below. Her Sedu Hairstyles website is Here. It has lots of resources about Sedu Hairstyles, Celebrity Sedu Hairstyles, Sedu Hairstyle Tips and Sedu Hairstyle pictures. Sedu Hairstyles & Talia writes content for a website about weight loss through acupuncture ear staples. Acupuncture Ear Staples for Weight Loss

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Friday, July 7, 2006

Sedu Reviews - Which Hair Type Suits Sedu?

by Oliver Turner

It's no doubt you have heard about the new sedu hair straightener and the wonderful reviews it has been receiving, but you may still be wondering if the sedu hair straightener is right for your hair.

Everyone has different hair, from wavy, frizzy, and curly, so is the sedu hair iron suitable for all hair types? Looking at the hundreds of sedu reviews that are available on the internet it seems that the sedu hair straightener has been designed to tackle all hair types including curly, wavy, and frizzy out of control hair.

The sedu hair iron rose to fame after numerous celebrities were spotted sporting sedu hairstyles. We are all familiar with the Jennifer Aniston sedu hairstyles and the Jennifer Lopez sedu hair styles, but what about the average ordinary person; can these results be achieved without a professional hairstylist?

Having browsed through the numerous sedu reviews on the internet it seems that the sedu hair straightener is easy to use compared with other straightening brands and it cuts the straightening time by up to a half. There are also no chemicals used which is another bonus when it comes to the health of your hair. The sedu reviews claim that this sedu hair iron works on all hair types thanks to its different temperature setting which can be adjusted to suit the individual hair type.

All the sedu reviews stated the same fact, that this hair iron works, and cuts the straightening time by half when compared with other hair straightening models. Of course just like all the other hair straighteners on the market, practice does make perfect and only by using the sedu hair straightener regularly will you become an expert.

With this in mind it is worth saying that if you purchase a sedu hair straightener assuming that you will have those perfect celebrity sedu hairstyles, you will be disappointed, but in time and after some practice it is safe to say that those celebrity sedu hairstyles can be yours.

We have made the most comprehensive research to find the best flat iron. Find the results only on the Sedu cupons and reviews site.

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2006 Hairstyle from Rochas

This is a beautiful example of how creative hairstyles in 2006 are becoming. An ordinary style, but with an interesting fringe effect, this style will take your hair right into modern trend city!

So simple yet so stylish, the effect is created by just plaiting a small section of the hair at the front and pinning it back to give a plaited fringe hairstyle.

Fringes are no longer square, so long as you know what to do with them and for 2006 the top hair stylists at Rochas have come up with this gorgeous twist to a medium length hairstyle.

You can also purchase ready plaited hair extensions that you could pin in place to achieve the same effect. Even short hair styles can have a plaited fringe.

Put a plait anywhere and spice up otherwise boring styles to become the latest 2006 hairstyles with added wow factor!

Post Title 2006 Hairstyle from Rochas

Thursday, July 6, 2006

What Is the Color of Your Sedu Hairstyle

by Mary Anne Lionel

Sedu hair style is usually considered to be straight hairstyle, but nothing apart this is mentioned, when speaking about Sedu hair. So, we may turn on our imagination and start seeking for the perfect color match to your own Sedu hair style. Deciding on what hair color to choose is a ve-e-ry painstaking process. You think about highlighting, or changing brown into black, or blond into red. This day you would like to have hazel and the next day sun will make you love blond, and the autumn will force you to choose red.

There are hundreds of opportunities for the hair color. However, the main thing is to find something that will make your hairstyle a Sedu one. The crucial keypoints of the best choice is your character, your complexion, the color of your eyes, and your age.

Keypoint #1: Your character

To choose perfect hair color for your character means to use those color patterns that will naturally reflect your personality. Your image is a single whole, and suitable hair color will help you to ensure that your Sedu hairstyle reveals your character in the best way.
• Brown and hazel hair colors will suit everybody from business women to teenage girls.
• Black color will be good for self-confident people, while blond can bring out mild character.
• Red and copper shades discover passion and desire, and highlights express people who like to compose contrasts. Even acid green for your hair color can suit you, until it matches your personality. So, mind your character, when deciding on your own Sedu hair color.

Keypoint #2: Your complexion

To express the Sedu part of your image and not spoil it with something unsuitable, you should remember about the complexion. Not that it should restrict you in colors, but shades should be picked up rather carefully.
Don’t listen to people who say that ethnic hair can be only of particular color to match the skin complexion. It’s not true. But still it is necessary to take care that the color you’ve chosen suits your image. Remember Halle Berry in the X-men? Does she look bad? Of course, not. At the same time pale skin is rather sensitive to the black shades. When the wrong shade is picked up, you may even look like Mrs Adams. And cherry red don’t like tanned skin, while it matches pale people. The bottom line is following: take care of the shade and it will take care of your Sedu image.

Keypoint #3: The color of the eyes

When speaking about perfect Sedu hairstyle, we should say that the color of your eyes is one of the most important questions. It is rather difficult to find the shade that will express the beauty of your eyes. But there is some advice that can be considered useful in this situation:
• Dark grey and dark blue eyes can match everything.
• Light grey and blue eyes find themselves in friendship with blond and light brown; though sometimes these eye colors also fit brown black.
• Dark brown and hazel eyes match every hair color, but mind the complexion. To say more, as long as you express your eyes’ beauty through the hair style and hair color, you express your own beauty, because your eyes reflect your personality. Moreover, your Sedu hair style only wins if everything about your style is in harmony.

Keypoint #4: Your age

Chanel once said that all women are beautiful and pretty. But prettiness disappears with age, though beauty remains. She also added that it’s a shame that all women want to be pretty, and no one desires to be beautiful. I may add to this that Sedu style and hairstyle express your beauty, not prettiness, something that lies inside you, your secret passions and hidden desires. So, when you are not afraid of your age, either you’re in your -teens or your –ties, it is noticeable. You show bravery and dignity, and this is very attractive and Sedu. Here are some tips to remember when matching age and hair color:
1. Black loves women in their twenties and thirties. That is if you have long and middle hairstyles. If you have short hairstyle, you may wear black as long as you like.
2. Brown and hazel colors love everybody. They are very democratic for every complexion, age, eye color and hairstyle. They look Sedu all the time.
3. Light blond matches pale complexion in any age. Dark blond matches everybody of any age. Your hairstyle remains Sedu as long as you like, while you’re blond.
4. Red is a very tricky color. Dark copper shades are perfect for pale complexions and all ages, while light red is a perfect choice for Asian complexion and pale complexion in teens and twenties, and at the same time cherry red highlights are very sexy and Sedu for everybody.
5. Highlights are one of the opportunities to change your hairstyle using contrasts. You may usually match any color with any color. If you’ve decided to change the hair color cardinally, make highlights. You’ll compose contrasts and show that you are very attractive with every color, even with two colors simultaneously.

All in all, your fantasy is the best adviser. There are hundreds of colors and thousands of shades. Remember about all above said and you’ll find how to turn your common hairstyle into unique Sedu hairstyle.

More Details about Sedu hair style here. Mary Anne Lionel is the hair care consultant of who helps people with hair problems to discover new ways of revealing their hair health. Visit Mary Anne’s web log at

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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Celebrities hairstyles Pictures for women (X)

Name: Tara Reid
Birth: 8 November 1975
Birthplace: Wyckoff, New Jersey

Blonde and buxom, actress Tara Reid is best known for appearances in tabloids, on MTV and entertainment TV shows such as E!'s Taradise. After a childhood career before the cameras in New York, Reid moved to Hollywood at age 18 to pursue acting, eventually landing a role on the soap opera Days of Our Lives and a short but splashy appearance as Bunny Lebowski in the 1998 Coen brothers film The Big Lebowski. Like fellow actress Shannon Elizabeth, Reid had her career jump-started by her role in the 1999 teen sex comedy American Pie (with Alyson Hannigan). In 2001 she co-starred with Rachael Leigh Cook in the movie Josie and the Pussycats (Reid played the drummer Melody and Cook played Josie). Although her big screen career has limped along, Reid has a full-time job as a celebrity party girl in the mode of Paris Hilton. Her television appearances include a semi-regular role on Scrubs (starring Zach Braff), appearances on Wild On... and her "travel" show on E!, Taradise.

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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Sedu Hairstyles - Why the Sedu hair straightener is the latest

Author: Caroline Smith

Sedu hairstyles are the latest trend among women wanting to emulate the straight hairstyles of their favorite celebrities and the Sedu hair iron is their weapon of choice in the battle to combat curly, wavy or just plain rebellious hair. This revolutionary hair straightener is all the rage among top hair stylists, and its unique design makes it the perfect tool for straightening all types of hair.

The surge of interest in this flat iron has been fueled by the current popularity of Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston hairstyles, as well as the straight hair styles sported by the likes of Hilary Duff and Jessica Simpson. The Sedu hair straightener is designed to be easy and pleasant to use, with no pulling or snagging. It uses special ceramic tourmaline plates that generate a high level of negative ions.

Not only does the Sedu hair iron halve the time it takes to straighten hair, compared to regular straighteners, but it's claimed it leaves hair up to three times as smooth and silky too. So you can achieve a stunning new look and save time! Sedu hairstyles can be created on any length of hair, including short haircuts. This flat iron has different temperature settings ranging from 120C - 200C, depending on your hair type.

A high heat helps straighten thick or coarse hair faster, whereas a lower setting is ideal for fine or dry hair types. Loads of sleek and stylish Sedu hairstyles can be created, and it's lots of fun to try out different looks, such as flipping the ends out for a smart and sexy appearance, or turning them under to frame your face, for an elegant look. The Sedu hair straightener is designed to be convenient and simple to use on a daily basis, and gives women the power to transform their appearance in a matter of minutes.

There are loads of pictures of Sedu hairstyles and tips on how to give yourself a new image, in magazines and on the internet, so you can achieve that perfect style without the need to visit an expensive stylist!

Caroline Smith is a successful author and regular contributor to - an online resource all about Sedu hairstyles, including celebrity Sedu hairstyles and tips on using Sedu hair straighteners.

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Monday, July 3, 2006

Simple Methods of Creating Perfect Sedu Hairstyle

by Mary Anne Lionel

Hair is one of the most important things about you. It is the first thing other people pay attention to. Even your image depends on your hairstyle and healthy look of your hair. Your hair is also the first to response to any health problems. That’s why you should reply to the hair problems at hand as quickly as possible. When you lack time for yourself, it is clearly obvious. However, if you treat your hair with care, it pays you back constantly by attracting attention. So, if you want to impress, attract, or sedu someone, first thing you should do is to ensure that your hair is in the best condition possible. Sedu hairstyle depends on such things as clean and healthy hair, proper hair color, neat and suitable hairstyle.

Some of us usually miss one or even two of these stages; hence the result leaves much to be desired. But the good news is that you can fix any mistake and solve any problem as long as you have decided to do it.

Here are some smart tips that you can easily apply to make your hair seductive. I personally selected them among the top pieces of advice as the best suitable for self application.

Tip #1 Keep you hair clean

Cleanness of hair is vital for the sedu image because wearing neat and accurate hair you show your style and chic. Have you ever seen a stylish person with filthy hair? Of course, no. Since chic is a sign of personal care and a symbol of self-respect. So, to achieve a stylish and smart image, stick to the following points.

• First thing is to decide on the type of your hair. It means to get to know whether you have dry, normal, greasy, or mixed, namely dry tips and greasy roots, type of hair.

• Next thing is to choose the most suitable shampoo for your hair, and to wash it with frequency, which suits you the best. I advice to wash dry hair once a week, to look after normal hair twice a week, and to pay a very close attention to the greasy hair, which needs cleaning every day.

• Don’t forget about the conditioner. It is vital to keep your hair smooth. Try to have conditioner and shampoo of the same brand. The point is that the products of the same brand are made of the similar ingredients; hence in combination they will suit your type of hair perfectly, as they won’t contradict one another, or play funny experiments on your hair.
Now, that we have clean hair, we may think about the hair health.

Tip #2 Remember that the health is the key to success
If your hair is damaged by some misfortune or is simply in a poor condition of health, you need to pay more attention to its care. Remember that healthy hair can be very easily styled, and it never fails to be arranged in the way you want.
So, we proceed to the stage of health.

• First, you should remember to trim the hair tips every six weeks. There is no sedu image with the split ends. Moreover, split ends can’t be cured or revived. The only way to help your hair to be split-free is to cut those ends.

• Also if your hair is heavily damaged by coloring, blow-drying, or styling products, try to cut it short and regrow. New hair will grow healthy and smooth without any signs of previous damage.
• You can, of course, grow your hair artificially if you like, but mind that it is the same as styling products. Don’t overuse it. Moreover, artificial is always different from the natural, and the difference is not for good normally.

Tip #3 Reveal your secret passion and ability to seduce with new hair color
• Coloring is vitally important, when your sedu image lacks brightness. The result of the properly selected color is remarkable. You enlighten your face, show your inner flame and passion.

• Surely coloring with the chemical dyes may be harmful, but as long as you use special shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and serums for the dyed hair the harm is minimal.

• There are masks and serums that create a film over every hair, thus protecting your fragile dyed hair from the outside damage, shampoos, and conditioners that revitalize the color and moisturize the roots and ends. Try to mix them, so that you have overall protection.

Only remember that producer should be one and the same for all the hair care products. If you choose to change your hair care products, you will need to change the whole set of products so that you do not harm your hair. So, choose carefully from the first time, because greedy men pay twice.

Tip #4 Correct drying and brushing lead to perfect styling
Drying and brushing are the preparatory steps to styling. After you wash and nourish your hair, you are ready to style it. So, be careful with drying and brushing in order not to spoil the general effect of your new Sedu hairstyle.
• First, don’t overuse blow dryer, it usually overdries your scalp and overheat your hair. When blowdrying use the coolest set possible, and try to air dry your hair at least once or twice a week.

• Don’t brush your hair, when it’s wet, because it causes serious damage. Use soft brushes made of natural materials for styling, and massage brushes to comb your hair before going to bed.

• I know some people believe that the less you brush your hair the better it is, but this approa
ch is wrong. When you comb your hair, you straighten it, move natural grease from the roots to the ends, leaving your hair naturally moisturized. You also make sure that it is freeze free before applying styling products.

Tip #5 Finishing touch-ups for you Sedu hairstyle
Now that you have your hair clean, nourished, and dry, we can move on to the last stage in the process of creating Sedu hairstyle. It includes such points as straight hair and new haircut.
• Overall, blow or air drying and brushing are the finishing steps of styling hair image for most people. But if you want to have Sedu hairstyle you need to do several touch-ups.

• First, Sedu hairstyle is straight hair style. So, you can have straight hair harnessing such methods: natural straightness, chemical straightness, and heat straightness.
• The best option apart from natural straightness, of course, is the heat straightening. Today there are new technologies that will eliminate heat damage and improve the general condition of your hair leaving it straight, smooth, and healthy. Among these technologies is ceramic tourmaline technology, which moisturizes and ionizes your hair. For people who struggle with curls and waves, it is just the best option possible.

• Chemical straightening can be applied, but it is highly dangerous, not to mention the poor results when the hairdresser is unskilled, or the product is chosen badly.

• At the end, I would like to stress the importance of the suitable hairstyle. Sedu image doesn’t couple with mundane and casual hairstyle. Sedu hairstyle is tempting, ardent, and always seductive. There are actually several points in choosing hairstyle: face shape, individual preferences, and favorite celebrity image.

• Your face shape can be round, square, oval, rectangular, or heart-like. So, when you’re choosing a haircut, mind that not all of them will suit your face shape.

• By individual preferences I mean couple of hairstyles you prefer, or hair length you would like to have. When speaking to your hairdresser about your preferences, you should also take into consideration your face shape for the best result.

• And the last point is favorite celebrity image. The procedure is the following: you choose several pictures of your favorite celebrity, and go to your hairdresser. Then together you choose the most suitable hairstyle that will be both your favorite celebrity sedu image and your own sedu image.

So, I believe that now you will be able to create your own Sedu hairstyle that will reveal your inner self, and discover passionate and tempting features of your own character. Remember that Sedu hairstyle is not only external look, but something you live with. Believe that you are Sedu, and be Sedu.

Mary Anne Lionel, info@seduhairstyles101.comMore Details about Sedu hairstyle here. Mary Anne Lionel is the hair care consultant of who helps people with hair problems to discover new ways of revealing their hair health. Visit Mary Anne’s web log at

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Sunday, July 2, 2006

A Brief History of Wedding Sedu Hairstyles

Author: Natalie Aranda

Throughout time, women have always desired to possess the elegance of royalty and celebrities during their own wedding ceremony, from the gown to the hairstyle worn by famous women. From ancient times to the present, women have used various wedding hairstyles to look not only their best, but to preserve the look of elegance and awe for everyone attending the celebration of their wedding.

In Rome, women would dye their hair, normally a golden red, wear hair extension to give them longer, fuller, and thicker hair, wear their hair up with jeweled hairpins, and wear it down and curled in ringlets. So, no matter where you look throughout history you will find that many of the wedding hairstyles whether they are long hairstyles, short hairstyles, hair extension or worn long and styled beautifully each one compliments the style of wedding gown the bride has chosen.

Today, women look to movie stars for their glamorous wedding hairstyles. Each and every year, some celebrity is seen during their wedding on television or in the popular magazines showing off their wedding gown and the wedding hairstyle they chose for this special occasion. This is what is considered to be in the in-style theme of the year. If you go back to the roaring 20’s you will see that many stars wore their hair in a bob style and if you notice many wedding hairstyles were this short hairstyle. However, some women would of course prefer longer hairstyles or wearing their hair in an up-do. Royalty in Europe also sets the stage when it comes to wedding hairstyles.

Princess Dianna had a short wedding hairstyle and any place you looked for a few years many women were styling their wedding hairstyles in the same fashion. During the 60’s in the US, it was the long hairstyles that made it in the wedding scene.

Many wore long hairstyles or hair extensions and the used flowers and beaded headbands to compliment their wedding gown. Since, several weddings during the 1960’s were performed outdoors, the mood was more casual and comfortable, so more casual wedding hairstyles were seen.

Today, to learn what wedding hairstyle is in fashion, you can turn to television, but as the majority of women are concerned, they want to look glamorous, stunning, and have a wedding gown and wedding hairstyle that will be remembered. Long hairstyles throughout history have been the favorite of most brides, because it adds sophistication and elegance to a wedding ceremony and reception accordingly.

However, you can always search through different bridal magazines throughout the years to learn just how popular each wedding hairstyle has been from long hairstyles, to short hairstyles, to hair extensions and how each one has complimented the bride and her wedding gown.

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