Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sedu Hair Straightener vs. Chemical Straighteners

By: Paton Jackson

Well, you have made up your mind to straighten your hair. Find out how should you do it. The most popular hair straightening methods are chemical straightening and hair irons. Sedu hair straightener is the most popular and efficient hair iron; therefore we will use the sedu hair straightener as the hair iron’s representative. Find out the differences between chemical straighteners and the sedu hair straightener.

A chemical hair straightener rearranges the structure of the hair from curly to straight. The chemicals usually used are sodium hydroxide, guanidine hydroxide and ammonium thioglycolate. Using chemical straightener could be dangerous, so we advise you to let a professional do it (remember, you may cause a permanent damage to your hair).

Chemical straightening is consisted of 4 main steps:

1. Strand test – The test purpose is testing the strength, elasticity and texture of the hair. The test will help you determine if your hair can handle the chemicals and which type is the best for your hair.

2. Using a protective cream over the scalp. The cream will shield a damaged hair.

3. Rinsing the chemicals with warm water over the hair.

4. Relaxing the scalp with a special conditioner.The sedu hair straightener makes a temporary change for the formation of your hair and not a permanent one like the chemical straighteners. If you are not sure you want to have a flat hair for the rest of your life use a sedu hair straightener. However, the sedu hair straightener requires a daily use of at least 10 minutes. The sedu hair straightener is not expensive and it can be used by anyone. The risk of causing severe damage to the hair is less significant.

Using the sedu hair straightener is consisted of 4 steps:

1. Cleaning the hair before using the sedu hair straightener.

2. Drying your hair for about 15 minutes using a dryer.

3. Using the sedu hair straightener on your hair.

4. Combing or brushing your hair.Whether you decide to straighten your hair using chemical hair straighteners or using the sedu hair straightener, the most important thing is keeping your hair healthy and keeping up with the straight trends.

Good luck.

About the Author:911 Corp. executed an independent research to find the best hair straightening methods. The results were clear. Sedu hair straightener is the most efficient hair straightener. Find out more on . All about hair on .

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Celebrity Sedu Hairstyles - Carmen Electra

Author: Paton Jackson

Carmen Electra is only one of the honorable celebrity Sedu hairstyles team. We have been observing Carmen Electra Sedu hairstyles for several years now and the main thing we can say is that her Sedu hairstyle is constantly changing.

We believe that the hair style reflects the person and vice versa. That's why we will start with a short biography of the astonishing Carmen Electra (you will not see any naked Carmen Electra pics over here).

Carmen Electra was born as Tara Leigh Patrick. She grew up in Ohio and was spotted by Prince who took her for his Rap group. Since then she has started a career of a successful model, film actress and a singer. She has divorced Dennis Rodman in 1999 and married her present husband David Navarro in 2003.

One of her famous quotes : ""I never had my own name on a bathing suit on Baywatch. I was always given one that said Pamela or Yasmine. I earned my own suit, at the end of the season, which I now have framed." By the way, Yasmine Bleeth and Pamela Anderson Sedu hair styles are also famous for their creativity.

The breathtaking Carmen Electra Sedu hairstyles are in most cases the creation of the talented hair stylist Ken Paves. Carmen Electra is energetic, special and she brings about new fashions.
As you probably know, Carmen Electra Sedu hairstyle is usually long and shaggy sedu hair style. Now, let's observe Carmen Electra's latest Sedu hairstyles ?

1. She came to the Starsky and Hutch premiere with a Sedu short hair style ? a Sassy bouffant one.

2. Carmen Electra Sedu hairstyle was totally different when she a came a couple of days later to a party hosted by Elton John. She had a sleek and choppy Sedu short hairstyle over there.
Read more about celebrity hairstyles on the Sedu celebrity hair styles secrets or find valuable hair styles info on Sedu short hairstyles on TiGilet

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Celebrities hairstyles - pictures for women (XXV)

What is it about Britney Spears Sedu Hairstyles that make her hair look fantastic and gorgeous, well with the Sedu flat iron or hair straightener as some might call it produces the most amazing finish that leaves Britney Spears hair and yours as well looking shiny, healthy and the best of all keeps all the natural colours at their best.

So how did Britney Spears become famous and why with all her money does she choose Sedu, well let’s begin with a little story shall we. Sit back have a good read and enjoy.

Britney Spears was born the 2nd December 1981 and was an up and coming star at an early age where she started doing small adverts but her main love was to dance and sing, she ending up auditioning for the Mickey Mouse Club where she got the part as a Mousekeeter and this is where she could dance and sing all the time which she loved doing.

After a while she ended up doing a demo tape and sent it to many labels and this is where Jive Records signed her at 16 years old and the famous all time favourite hit single Hit Me One More Time came on the charts which went all around the world, this is where she got a platinum album.

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Pictures Of 2007 Hairstyles

Hairstyles For 2007

Short and serious, business styles are in, the key is easy to manage and simple styling. Bobs are still hot, bobas with bangs, sharp accentuated edges and straight lines.

Longer hair is wavy, not permed looking, but natural waves, soft flowing locks, without the poker straight sedu look.

For interest plaits and hair jewellery are must haves.

Browse a gallery of 2007 hairstyle pictures at For Pictures Of 2007 Hairstyles!

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Sedu Hairstyles for Women: How to style your hair with sedu (II)

By Lolaness

Sedu Hairstyle Two: Casual Chic

Arguably the quickest hairstyle to achieve is this clean, crisp look that really shows off your shining locks without hiding the beauty of your face. The whole style can be created in under ten minutes, making it a very popular choice for women who want to look great without having to spend a lot of time getting that way.

First, work a small amount (quarter-sized for long hair, dime-sized for short hair) of styling gel from the roots of your hair down to the ends while it is clean and wet. Use a blow-dryer on high heat and a paddle brush to completely disperse the gel and dry your hair.

Once fully dry, straighten your hair and part it directly down the center. The easiest way to determine the center is to lightly trace a long comb over your forehead from your nose and back through your hair until you have a large amount of hair "caught". Then, smoothly whip the comb to one side. You will see the part form, and can "clean it up"; from there.

Using a soft-bristled brush, create a small pony-tail using the upper top section of your hair nearest to your face. Then, tightly pull the lower side sections of hair from each side of your face behind your ears and spray to hold. Secure the sides with hairpins directly behind your ears and let the pony-tail down so that the upper sections fall nicely. Lightly spray for hold.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sedu Hairstyles for Women: How to style your hair with sedu (I)

By Lolaness

Sudu flat iron, ionic hair straighteners have been rated the best on the market by top professional stylists. Sedu's patented ultra-smooth ceramic/tourmaline plates guarantee smooth straightening motion without pulling, snagging or breaking of hair – and reviews by ordinary users say that everything works just as it should, besting most people’s expectations.
These little hair products don’t come cheap, though, and finding a style to work with once you’ve taken the frizz out of your hair can be frustrating. What I am sharing here are a few sedu hairstyles to get you stylin’.

Sedu Hairstyle One: Messy Twist with Tendrils

A funky, upbeat look that’s very popular among younger women, especially women in professional and/or trendy settings, the messy twist is easy to achieve. First, work a small amount of styling mousse through clean, wet hair. Then, blow-dry hair and straighten it. Once it is completely dry and smooth, work molding mud through your hair for texture.

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Celebrities hairstyles - pictures for women (XXIV)

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar became a star in the campy TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Gellar played Buffy Summers, a high school student who also happened to be the "chosen one" destined to battle vampires and other supernatural nasties.

The show's goofy appeal made it a hit, and it aired from 1997-2003. Gellar was already an industry veteran before Buffy began: she starter her acting career as a pre-schooler and by the time she was 18 she had won a daytime Emmy for her work in the soap opera All My Children. She cemented her reputation as a horror queen by appearing in two teen horror films, I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997, with Jennifer Love Hewitt) and Scream 2 (1997, with Neve Campbell). She married actor Freddie Prinze, Jr. in 2002.

They starred together in the 2002 movie version of the TV cartoon Scooby Doo and its 2004 sequel, Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. She had another horror hit with the scary 2004 movie The Grudge and its 2006 sequel The Grudge 2.

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Getting The Sedu Hairstyling Look Without Breaking The Bank

by Mike Taylor

Lately it seems like everyone wants a Sedu hair straightener after seeing stars like Jennifer Anniston and J-Lo with beautiful, silky straight hair. After all, that's the brand the top Hollywood stylists are using to create these stunning hair styles.

But, did you know that you really don't need to pay an arm and a leg for the Sedu name when a less expensive model can give you as good or better results?

That's right! You can get great looking straight hair with any reasonably priced hair straightener as long as you have healthy hair to begin with and pick a model with some must-have features.
If you really wanted to save money you could still use the old clothes iron way of straightening your hair but given the ease of use of the new hair straightener products available today it is something I wouldn't recommend.

There are a few key things to look for when you are shopping for a hair iron that will give you the same results as the Sedu flat iron at a lower price:

Make sure it has ceramic plates, not metal plates. Ceramic is much smoother than metal and won't pull or break your hair. It also distributes heat more evenly and infuses your hair with moisture to help seal in the style.

Ceramic also has the benefit of generating a negative ion effect that helps to protect your hair from the iron's high temperatures. The mineral tourmaline added into the ceramic is a definite plus because tourmaline enhances the ionic effect but if money is an issue you can skip this feature.

Make sure you have heat level settings. The most important thing to remember to get great straight hair is to use the proper heat level. As this varies by person you want to make sure you can set the heat level. Pick a model that has at least three heat settings. If the iron is too hot you can damage your hair and if it is too cold the style will not last very long.

Check heat up times as more expensive models take less than 30 seconds to heat up but if you can wait a minute or two before using the iron you can save yourself a little extra cash.

The lighter the weight the less strain on your arm and the easier it is to style your hair but lighter usually means more expensive. Try to buy an iron with a ceramic plate width of 1.5 inches unless you have very long hair. In that case opt for a 2 inch plate width.

If you spend a little time shopping around and checking reviews you will find that you can easily achieve that famous Sedu straight hair look without going broke in the process.

About the Author
For more information on hair straightener tools visit us today at Hair Straighteners

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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Sedu Hairstyles: Chasing Dreams or Chemical Relaxing

By: Mary Anne Lionel

Couple of months ago when I first learned about sedu hairstyles I decided to do the relaxing. My hair is naturally wavy, but it tends to curl every time it’s wet outside. As I live in one of the most humid parts of the country, I have great difficulties with keeping my hair straight. I thought that relaxing is the best way for me to save my time and to keep the hair straight. The time proved me wrong, and the result was simply disastrous. When I pulled myself together and went to the salon to make a relaxing, I felt cheerful about fulfilling my dream of straight and sleek sedu hairstyle. When the process was over and I was leaving the salon, I thought of buying a wig.
So, I decided to warn you of such premature decision and describe you how the process goes:

1. Your hair is washed;
2. Then it is combed, divided into separate tresses, and the relaxing solution is applied;
3. After that some time is needed for the chemicals to work;
4. When the time’s up, your hair is rinsed, and the neutralizing lotion is applied to close the scales of the cuticle;
5. Then the hair is conditioned to avoid breakage and swelling.
6. The last stage is the advice not to wash your hair for some time, two-three days at least,because your hair is not fully recovered from the chemicals and can be harmed even more.

Well, all that I learned after I have done the relaxing. Now I know that my stylist made several serious mistakes that ruined my hair and made me cut it really short because of a really great amount of split ends and broken hairs.

Mistake 1: Concentration of relaxing solution I have fine hair, but as it is really thick it is hard to define the texture and diameter of the separate hair by eye. The girl that was doing my hair paid no attention to the fineness of my hair and applied rather strong solution. As a result, my hair looked over processed and dead in the end. The good stylist always should study the hair type closely, and define the appropriate concentration of the relaxing solution in order not to harm the hair.

Mistake 2: Time of processing When the lotion is applied, you hair is left to “cook”. It is important that the time is defined carefully or your hair will suffer great shock and may even dissolve! For my hair the time was defined badly. After the solution was rinsed out, I saw that my hair was sticking lifelessly in all directions like a hip of hay. I started to think that something was wrong. My sedu hairstyle was gradually fading. I saw it flying away and waving me sorrowfully.

Mistake 3: Incomplete rinsing Careful and thorough rinsing is particularly important in relaxing. It ensures that you hair suffers no longer and starts recovering from the chemical treatment. During my relaxing rinsing took approximately 5-7 minutes. It may look enough, but I usually rinse out the shampoo for 10 minutes at least! So, my hair looked more and more dreadful, and I was thinking longingly about wavy times of my hair. I spent half an hour on flat ironing every day, but at least the hair looked shiny and smooth, but not like great pile of dead strands.

At the long last, when I left the salon looking awful and feeling completely frustrated, I decided that in no way I will do two things again: go to this salon and make a chemical straightening. After consulting with the stylist in the other salon later that week, I cut my hair short, bought new shampoo and set for chemically treated hair, and ordered sedu flat iron.

I’ve decided that if I want to have sedu hairstyle, I should stick to the product that was first to invent it. Now two months have passed since that terrible experience. My hair has almost recovered and grows healthy and wavy again. I spend nearly an hour for hair care procedures every day, but it’s really worth the effort. At the long last I have sleek and smooth sedu hairstyle, and I pay no attention that it is short.

Mary Anne Lionel is the hair care consultant of who helps people with hair problems to discover new ways of revealing their hair health. Visit Mary Anne’s web log at

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Monday, December 4, 2006

Celebrity Hair Styles

Celebrity Hair Styles Catch Up

This year is going soooo fast. We need to keep you up to date on the most recent celebrity hair styles of the week. Follow each link to view the most recent hair styles photos.

Check out these styles and see the amazing transformation that many celebrities make.
Hair Resources Hair Styles at

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